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Friday, 13 January 2017

What Is Trump Gonna Do?

Long story short - he's going to try and make as many people accountable as possible. That is going to mean some very unpleasant decisions for some very unpleasant people.

America (and Canada) - now have entire communities and generations addicted to welfare. Welfare and The Dole dehumanize people - it kills their ambition and drive and instills an unhealthy sense of entitlement. That is why the fake news coming from the media won't report any of these violent anti-Trump protests, and tries to whitewash them. That is why it is violent Trump supporters causing all the problems in the fake news.

These people are like animals for the most part. Even the threat or possibility of ending the gravy train has them rioting, burning, looting and murdering. They don't know how to fend for themselves and they don't want to learn. It's the same as tourists feeding the animals in the national parks. They become dependent and when the food supply is gone - they react violently when they begin to starve.

Our kids can't afford to buy homes or start families. The second they're born, they are on the hook individually for $300k or more in unfunded liabilities for social programs. We've created some very serious, dangerous monsters and one day we will need to confront them - or they will  bankrupt us.

I think a lot of people expect Trump to make America great again at no expense to themselves. I think they are in for a very rude surprise. I would gun-up if I were you because until those monsters are trained and learn to fend for themselves...they are going to be very, very dangerous.

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  1. We're old enough that I don't think Trump will do ANYTHING that will help my wife and I in any way. Still, I voted for him for the sake of the republic. I hope he's able to accomplish what he wants, because it's what this nation needs.