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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Your Privilege Is Fine, Boys. Check Your Manners And Chivalry...

Watch your manners!!!

Watch the reaction!

BW is checking to make sure his fly is zipped. Bob and Quartermain stop talking and think: "Did I say something rude that I shouldn't have? Did I disrespect somebody accidentally?" Uncle Bob does a double take to see if HE's done something stupid. All us guys are culture conditioned to freeze up and run a self diagnostics to make sure we haven't acted rudely or unchivalrously - and it's killing us. Not only us, but our communities nations.

It's the stuff of historical legend: at a formal diplomatic function for Britain's elite power brokers and diplomats, an angry harridan, puffed up with her own self importance, set upon Prime Minister Churchill and said, "If you were my husband, I'd put rat poison in your tea!"

"Madame - if YOU were my wife, I'd drink it!"

HAR HAR HAR! You'd probably just get a mild case of the Hershey Squirts from it too, you alcoholic old bastard!!! HAR HAR HAR! How I wish we had men of this wit and calibre today! I believe they call devastating responses like this "rejoinders". But the point of that is this: Winston didn't miss a beat. The second that cankle beaked off at him he was right back at her and said a number of things without actually saying them. In effect, he said, " I'm smarter than you, I'm faster than you, and I am not going to take any of your bullshit." All the lady and her detractors could do was gawp and fume! You take a man like that seriously.

Awhile back I got in a chit fight with a similar mealy mouthed blogger that said rotten things about me, my wife, our family and Christians. And right on cue, I froze up and ran that self diagnostic while I tried to fathom why this guy hated me, why he would lie about me and lie about Christians. And so the rotten wood burned and smoldered under my scalp as I tried to process that and decide on what to do about it - and decided to let it slide. He was a grumpy old man! He was a military vet! He was disabled and in a wheel chair! Ya can't mouth off at a guy like that! It's unchivalrous and unsporting!

And so, the mealy mouthed old bastard kept mouthing off and I vapour locked. My programming got in a poop loop! I have to be sporting and gentlemanly! This guy was an absolute shit! He took a few more cheap shots and finally the smoldering rotten wood in my brain box flamed into life! Why was I putting up with this shit? The fact that I was using restraint meant nothing to him - he saw it as weakness and stupidity. As I said in an earlier post, I went to Red Alert, armed the forward phaser array, put the deflector shields on full - and went to war with him. I spent about a week doing to that stupid old bastard the same things he did to me: I made bogus assumptions about him as a person and his history, and then I mocked him and insulted him based on that - on his blog and mine. The tempest in a tea pot raged for about a week until he whined "I'm a better man than that! Why are you treating me like this?!?!?" He was utterly shocked that anyone would treat him this way. It was probably the first time anyone ever called him on his bullshit. Months ago he was whining about how his readership was tapering off and that is how it usually goes - people don't want to fight, they want to be nice ... and when they confront a mean sleazy person - they walk away without saying anything. That is the exact WRONG thing to do.

So I explained it to him. "You don't know anything about me, you have no proof at all for the rotten things you've said, and although I'm not perfect - I'm smarter than you, I'm a better man than you, and I am not gonna take your bullshit. If you think you are a better man then ACT like it".

After that I felt bad because all that was true. It made me feel guilty because I was picking on some dummy in a wheelchair who was what he was, and maybe I shoulda just shut my pie hole and taken my lumps.  Even wrote a post about it.

Can you imagine my surprise when I saw this:

"I did one thing I regret. I should have kept my opinion to myself about another man's family problems. I don't know the whole story and should have remained silent. I do regret that and I am sorry I said anything about it. As far as everything else I have said here, I stand by it. It is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion the same way Mr. Filthie is entitled to his.  I sincerely hope that his family circumstances change for the better and he can reconcile with his daughter someday."

LINK (He's probably going to take that post down but whatever).

An apology? Somewhere in that old derelict - there is still a spark of a man of worth. At least for a for a few brief moments - he was a better man - but I had to beat the stuffing out of him first! You're welcome, by the way, Rat! (Of course it was temporary, after that he was beaking off about how eeeevil Christians like Gorges Grouse were burning books, goose-stepping around the bonfire and enslaving women, HAR HAR HAR!) Good lord - and this guy votes. Again - whatever.

Earlier this week Maryl Streep used an awards ceremony for arts and entertainment to beak off at Donald Trump.

Donald Trump had the unmitigated gall to call this fat old bint 'over rated'.
I would agree.

This turd brained shitlib is screaming about Donald Trump making fun of a shitlib reporter selling fake news.

Hey Maryl and Gimpy - awhile back four niggers caught a white
retarded man and tortured him for two days. Your media buddies are still
turd polishing that one as they try to sanitize it. Or they're censoring it.
You got off pretty light, I would say... kinda hard
to complain about harassing the disabled when you are
a bald faced liar that won't do a thing when it happens to others

HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!!!! I dunno what's funnier - Donald mocking the liberal morons of the nation - or their outrage at it!!! HAR HAR HAR! They're clutching at their pearls and falling into swoons of outrage because the a president pointed out that he was smarter than they are, and he's not going to take any more of their chit.

This is my message today: being nice, courteous and respectful to mean, deliberately stupid people is not morally right. They're using that to take advantage of us and they are hurting us, our families and our nation now. Europe is flushing itself down a very politically correct toilet... and these idiots want the same for Canada and America. They'll do it too, if nobody stands up to them. We don't have to show up to every fight we are invited to - but there comes a time when that 98 lb. weakling deserves the beating he gets. Having a vagina or a disability does not entitle you to treat people with contempt or derision. And - as Maryl and her gimp reporter friend are finding out - you can no longer hide behind your phoney victim cards anymore than The Rat can hide behind his wheelchair and service record when I beat him up. 

I don't care what you call it - I might say it's God, you might call it some grand cosmic Karmic Wheel... but I believe that in this world, more often than not, what goes around comes around. I have this sinking feeling that in the days ahead, regardless of our politics - most of us (at least half) - are gonna get what we have coming as that big ol' wheel comes round.

Good luck to you and keep yer stick on the ice.


  1. God gets it right again, Glen:

    Proverbs 25:21-22

    21 If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat;
    And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;
    22 For so you will heap coals of fire on his head,
    And the Lord will reward you.

    Of course... sometimes I just can't resist pissing my enemies off by returning a volley of verbal vomit in at least the quantities they throw at me... I mean; if I'm going to smell like puke, those "on the wrong side of history" should have the pleasure of smelling just as bad... So says "The Law of Pete."

    ...I guess that's why we need God's grace...

    Yeah; I believe the days ahead are going to be a chitstorm for everyone. You can only drive so long with the Check Engine light on before whatever caused it to come on leaves you walking!

  2. Keep standing tall, Glen. It all started with you as a Canadian speaking something about/against the if you had no right to your opinion. Remember?

  3. Rats will be rats, no matter where they live. Ya gotta stomp on them, sometimes.

  4. Since I don't follow the blogs of idiots to begin with, I have less trouble than some folks, though I realize that some folks take seriously the old saying about knowing your enemy. Since I moderate all comments, most jerks don't bother me more than once, since they don't get the attention they so badly want. Even on Facebook, I'm a blocking son-of-a-gun. I just figure those types aren't worth the aggravation. It's not like they're capable of learning anything. However, more power to you for sticking to your guns; I guess even a confirmed crank can learn something if you hit him hard enough! - lol

  5. Well folks, I think this is good advice for the ladies too. Civility, tolerance, and manners have become a one way street for the liberals and progs and unless it stops, they will just keep wiping their feet on us. Just my two cents, your mileage will vary...

  6. Merci, I see the M R has turned over a new leaf. A must read soon before he ethers it all away. I LAUGHED in astonishment. Like reading "The many faces of Eve".