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Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

When I was a kid in the 70's women were starting to move away from traditional gender roles and into areas typically dominated by men. At the time we heard all kinds of claims: women handled stress better than men, women reacted faster than men, women made better snap decisions than men, were medically sturdier than men, women were better team builders than men, blah blah blah. And of course today we still parrot all that in spite of the obese chubsters, the batshit crazy hags on antidepressants, the lonely cat ladies, and the burnt out derelicts that hit that glass ceiling a little harder than they intended on the way up. But none of us ever said anything to any of that bullshit in the 70's because we loved our women and thought they loved us.

I don't spend much time at Dalrock's. The place is a psych ward full of women haters and the walking wounded that result from destroyed families and failed marriages. Men are hard wired at the genetic level to at least feel responsible for their families and when they self destruct, men naturally all feel responsible on one level or another. I know I did for years. Over the last half decade I started having serious problems with pretty much all the women in my family. I was at a loss: what in hell had I done to stir up all this shit? Most of it was irrational crap that bordered on childishness and I bent over backward to accommodate and keep my mouth shut. I couldn't for the life of me figure it out! I knew what was going on but I couldn't articulate it. Now I think I can.

Most of the women in my family were complete and utter assholes. My mother is a shitlib with a ropey mouth. She always was but now she's worse than ever in her old age. Liberals whine about people with closed minds and good lord ... some of 'em need a long, hard look in the mirror. She never questions herself. She's always right. My daughter is a militant gay lesbian hipster that thinks having to grow up is an aspect of toxic patriarchy or homophobic fascism. She's probably the biggest of the assholes in my family. My mother in law is a close second. Like my own mother, she is always right and she dominates the men in her family and most of them defer to her but secretly despise her. Back when my father in law and I still spoke, he let it slip a few times that he wished he'd never married her. I felt sorry for him but perplexed - every time that old bat issued an order he jumped and he never had the balls to stand up to her.

"Do as I say or I'll blow up the family"
- Dalrock
I would modify that. More like "Do as I say, or I'll blow up
the family and blame you for it."

This pic, in a nutshell, is pretty much how most modern empowered women "lead". Such women can't tell the difference between leadership and 'being an asshole'. I'm sorry - but there's no nice way to say it.

That pic is such an apt metaphor for what happened in my family: like most militant lesbian social justice warriors - my daughter is an asshole too. I know it's a horrible thing for a father to say about his daughter... and it took me years to admit it. The concept leaves the taste of chit in my mouth and it is psychologically easier for me to think that I am the arsehole, not her... but it is what it is and there's no way around it. She jumped on that TNT fuse box with both feet and the explosion caught me totally by surprise. I was dumbfounded as half my family evaporated overnight. Then for the next couple years my mother in law started tapping her fingers lightly on that fusebox handle and she made no bones about being willing to do what my daughter had done. After a couple years of that I finally got fed up with the bullshit, clamped my hand down over hers on that plunger - and pushed it down and held her hand to it all the way down. Then my own mother flirted with it too! I basically spelled it out for her: "you saw what happened to the other two stunned cnuts that did that - do you want to go down this road too?" Mom, at least, was smart enough to back away and I love her for it. It must have taken an extraordinary amount of self control for a lifelong liberal woman to do that. She changed her attitude and the subject in the blink of an eye like such women do and we never spoke of it again so she could 'save some face', as the orientals like to say it. I understand that too, I know how pride works and everyone must have at least some... but it has to be tempered with humility too. As long as everyone keeps their hands where everyone else can see 'em... we'll get along fine. I am not an asshole. (Well, scratch that, I am... but not in the way low women would think, HAR HAR HAR!).

Where do women come up with this shit anyways? Even when it comes to queers I don't want to harass them or hurt them - I just want them to be civil and courteous in return. But no - that makes me a homophobe by some people's logic. There will be no long, protracted 'war of the sexes' in my family ever again. If a woman is dumb enough to bring TNT to a minor gun fight, I am bringing nukes and that will be the end of it - for everyone concerned.

The second things get this bad the family has already had it. Your mileage (and marriage?) may vary. As for me... I lucked out. My Mom is smart enough to know when people are at the end of their patience... and my wife is an old world woman who only wants everyone to get along but has to concede a few of the same ugly truths I do.

Women have lost sight of the fact that respect can only be earned, never demanded. Those that earn it are happy, well adjusted people that don't have to threaten anyone, they just quietly say what they want and us fellas will jump to it! As for the harridans, hags and whores...? That Karmic Wheel goes round and I suspect a lot of modern women are finding themselves getting crushed under it - I have no sympathy either. They earned it the same way stupid men do and they have it coming to them.

Keep yer stick on the ice and your eye on the puck, boys n' girls. And have a great Sunday.


  1. Even when it comes to queers I don't want to harass them or hurt them - I just want them to be civil and courteous in return.

    Ah-HA! Gotcha!
    They, whoever 'they' might be today, never had any intention of being civil or courteous. 'They' have every intention of being loud, inflammatory, and personally insulting, and they'll continue to act this way until you raise your voice and complain about listening to communist idiocy on a flag pole, and tell them to go piss up said pole before sitting on it. With a bucket of sand to make it fit better.

    At which point they'll gleefully scream "I told you so!" before scattering to find their next victim.

    1. That's exactly it, Gorges. 'They' have whitewashed homosexuals and their enablers for the most part. They are not nice people, they don't want to get along, and most are just plain bullies.

      My attitude is the same as yours. They can go do what they're going to do to themselves but by God - they'll keep it out of my face and leave me out of it!

  2. Sad, but true, and that guy above is WL, not Gorges. ;-)