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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Bringing A Bazooka To A Food Fight

Right now everything is funnier than hell. The media hisses and spits at Trump and his cheerleaders – and then the facts smack them right in the gob like a pie thrown at a food fight! Right now they are claiming that Milo Yabbadabbadopolis or whatever his name is – is a kiddie diddler. His cheerleaders like Vox Day are claiming he’s not and are saying that the self proclaimed ‘Dangerous Faggot’ was actually raped as a teen, and how dare those media slobs fling mud at a queer AND a childhood rape victim?!?! What a diseased society, when only faggots can stand up to pedos in a politically correct way? And who knows what the truth is, amidst this ideological shower of shit? I admit, I liked watching him make liberals’ heads explode and then play the ‘gay card’ on them when they wanted to erupt… but we shouldn’t even be having this argument. The fuggin gays are degenerates – never mind the pedos. Our leftist friends really need to start asking their media and themselves some really tough questions. I held my tongue – or at least, my temper – when the queers came prancing out of the closet. But if the libs think they are gonna mainstream pedophilia – jeebers folks, we really, really need to think about that.

Uncle Bob has a good one up about how the media didn’t make Trump – so they can’t take him down and it is driving them nuts. He thinks they are nothing but a joke now – and I disagree. They are still reaching a lot of people, they are actively ginning up hate and focusing it square on Trump and anyone that supports him. The kids aren’t going out to ‘protest’ anymore – they are taking out spiked baseball bats and edged weapons and they are trashing public and private property now. I can tell you with 100% certainty that if they came after me or mine – or my property – there would be shots fired and somebody would be going to the morgue.

I think the media still has the power to tear the country apart and I think they are dumb enough to use it. The NYT the Globe & Mail, and all the other liberal shit rags wouldn’t sell if there weren’t an audience. The niggers are ready for a race war right now. The beaners are carving out chunks of America and will get nasty if they are denied their place at the welfare trough. The socialists think it is their right to tax and spend without oversight to feed these monsters their free lunch. There’s a lot of white people getting sick and tired of forking over cash to appease victim groups that always need more money and handouts for appeasement.

There plenty of tinder and dry wood. All it needs is a match. Newspapers have always been great for getting a fire going. It's all fun and games until the heavy weapons come out...


  1. "It's all fun and games until the heavy weapons come out..."

    You said it, Glen! All of these Little Kiddles are enjoying the anarchy of the moment. Hell; they don't even know what they're protesting about anymore! Time will come though, when shots are fired and these people will be looking for a leg to hide behind, only to find it's attached to someone they recently "demonized." Good lick, snowflake...

    I remember a bumper sticker on a neighbor's car when I was a kid: "Don't like cops? Next time you need help, CALL A HIPPIE!"

  2. Anarchy always precedes despotism, I've heard, so I guess we know what will come eventually. Trump is merely the last gasp of reason.