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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Oh, hi everybody!

HULP!!! Gahhhhhh...

Oh, I'm fine. Finer n' frogs hair actually....HULLLLPPPPPP....!!!!

I've just got the dry heaves  from what I just saw on the news feeds:

Ivana is swooning over Turdo La Doo..,.?!!?!? Oh lord, I'm gonna hurl again!!!!

Gasp...gasp... This is simply and utterly inexcusable.

a. Justin Turdo is a son of a whore (literally, just like Obama) and unfit for good women
b. He's almost certainly a butt blaster in his spare time (again, much like Obama)
c. He probly spends more time on his hair than Ivana does!

Don't anybody let Uncle Bob or the President know about this - they'll both be FURIOUS.  I will make a few fast quiet calls to the Scottish Mob in Morontario and little Justy Turdo will fall down a flight of stairs and we'll put an end to this nonsense discreetly!

Foygeddabaddit, ye buggardly tosspots!
You didnae see NOTHIN.

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