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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Inside Jokes

There's a certain simian wire cutting knuckle dragging blogger I regularly visit to catch up on the latest rude jokes, wrong political opinions and general ass hattery.


Not mentioning any names dontchya know...HACKAAFFFFF! Hmpffff!!!

In any event, on this hypothetical blog there are often rude jokes involving an American critter called a racoon... and and said critter is the subject of punchlines that sail right over my pointy head. The smart kids all get the joke and I just go 'Huh?' Story of my life and all that. I decided to turn my formidable intellect on the problem using my powers of observation and deduction to get the inside track on these mysterious jokes and the people involved.

We don't have racoons in Alberta, although if WC and his friends with arms like canons have their way... we probably will soon.

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