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Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Forces Of Evil And The EZ Bake Oven

It's nap time for the other retards here at Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys And Reprobates. And - while my fellow students nap and dream of whatever... I am wide awake turning their beloved EZ Bake Oven to the Forces Of Evil:

That's bullet lube slowly melting on WL's cookie dish! While the good kids generally use the oven to make cupcakes n' cookies and pastries - I use it for recreational destruction! I would melt lead on it too but the fumes could hurt me personally so I do  that outside. But - if it was only them that had to worry about lead poisoning I would do it in a heart beat!  :) :)

Can't remember the exact recipe... something like beeswax, furniture polish and Vaseline all stirred up and heated. When it's fully liquid I put the bullets in.

The mess will solidify once it cools and I'll just pluck the bullets out with a pair of needle nose pliers - and I'll be ready for the reloading bench! I made these bullets entirely by myself! I mixed the metals and alloyed them, I poured the melt into bullet moulds, and now they'll be lubed and ready to shoot for pennies apiece!

And the boys will be none the wiser! Only I will know the real reason their cupcakes and cookies tast like paraffin, HAR HAR HAR!!!

If you want to know more about cast lead bullets, and bullet lube, my buddy
Larry at Midway shows ya how responsible
adults do it safely without poisoning their friends.


  1. Hey Filthy,
    I'm looking to get started reloading and looking on HOW to get started. Buy a kit, or piece it all together? I'll be reloading rifle and pistol cartridges.

    1. Jump in! The water's great!

      First thing ya need is a manual. I like Nosler but I'm sure Speer, Lyman and others will have a step by step introduction that will get you started.

      A good gun forum is a good bet too. I like the guys at Cast Boolits. Don't waste time with the Canadian Gunnutz, other than their classifieds, they're pretty much a waste of time).

      I would start with conventional calibres too, and stay away from the oddballs to begin with.

      And, of course - if ya have any questions you can always run 'em by me here. If I can't help you I will be able to refer you to experts that can. Last point - watch out for gas bags and poseurs. Stick to your manuals to begin with and you will do just fine.