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Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Retirement Rifle

I'm on the last stages of an upward rebound with a bout of the blues that borders on near depression. When my family blew itself apart at the seams a goodly part of my good humour and ego went with it. I've spent the better part of the last 7 years in a funk that I just couldn't seem to shake. But my wife helped out and put up with my chit, and time heals. I am seeing beauty again in the world and the cuts are scabbing over. I'll be alright. I've started shooting hard again and lord - it feels good! Although, when I first got back in the game my marksmanship sucked so bad I almost went right back into my funk again, HAR HAR HAR!!!

That's a fast 15 rounds off my hind feet at 100m.
All of 'em woulda put a deer down in spades. You would
be surprised at how many shooters couldn't do this.
Hell, until a month or so ago, I couldn't!
When it comes to marksmanship - use it or lose it!

That was shot with my beloved M1A match rifle.
Full Disclosure: I still suck on occasion and am very careful
not to publish my targets after such sessions.
Leave NOTHING to chance! Burn targets that are less than stellar.
If some garbage picking fink like Bob or Gorges
fishes them out of the garbage, they're
liable to go public with it to your chagrin and embarrassment.
There is nothing worse than being a laughing stalk
for a bunch of grumpy, stinky old men.
That's a rifle fit for a Marine AND a General - never mind a gun club stubfart like Yours Truly!

Those groups will tighten up. I'm working on it. But a couple weeks ago, some insensitive bugger blogger made some really, really hurtful remarks about how a man shouldn't shoot a rifle that is uglier than he is. He was talking about one of my light rifles. I gotta admit, I was so deeply hurt and emotionally triggered that I needed a couple weeks in my safe place with my puppies and single malt scotch to get over it! What kinda awful, AWFUL man would say such hurtful things? If I could find a sleezy lawyer, why - I'd sue him into penury!!!

Bowing down to peer pressure - I went out and got my last rifle - one that hopefully meets the approval of our fellow sportsmen in this corner of the internet - a repro Remington rolling block buffalo rifle.

.45-70 Gubbermint, 30" octagonal pipe - and I'll be damned - a
trigger that breaks like a glass rod - right from the factory!

Don't worry, those crude iron sights are coming right off. I have an order in with Lee Shaver as we speak! We'll be outfitting 'er with PC (period correct) Vernier Soule sights. Vernier in the rear, and a handsome globe up front!

Apparently these guns like their bullets BIG. My M1A match rifle shoots 168 grain boat tailed hollow points on the range. This gun - if the black powder geeks at Cast Boolits are to be trusted (and I have my doubts) - will like the big 525 grain Postell bullets. Cast Boolits is probly the best gun forum on the net. The guys are all bungholes and if you ask a question, you'll get 9 answers from any seven of 'em - but they are friendly and some of 'em know what they're talking about. I post there under my seekrit identity of "Guy La Pourque".  :)

525 grains of lead, moving along at about 1400 ft./sec.
Even at low black powder velocities - that is a helluva lot of
ballistic power.
Going Postell is as ominous for black powder geeks as it is
for moslem postal workers! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Yesterday I put about 5 rounds through it - some light 405 grain cast lead bullets I made up with smokeless IMR3031 just to take it for a test spin. For the first time in 30 years of making my own ammo - I had a dud! The primer got smacked with plenty of oomph - but nothing happened. The black powder geeks advise against crimping in single shot guns so when I went to eject the shell - the brass and powder came out and the bullet lodged in the barrel of the gun! I was out of action!

Of course when I got home I just knocked out the bullet, scrubbed the bore - and I am ready to go again. It was darn cold out yesterday, I wonder if condensation inside the case killed the primer...? I am grabbing at straws - I have never had a misfire in my life before with my hand loaded ammunition.

I'm going to order moulds and cast my own bullets, of course. I have about a hundred pounds of lead stashed here and there and that sounds like a lot... but it isn't really. I will be ready to shoot beside America's crankiest grey beards and grump old men in another couple years.

BPCR shooting is a hoot in itself. We have a really uniquely Canadian variant arising up here in Canada though - with the old, obsolete Snider, Enfield and Martini rifles. I have been binge watching British Muzzleloaders on YouTube for quite some time now. This guy has WAY too much fun for a fella his age - and I may actually get to meet him this summer if time and circumstance permit. If you are a reloader and an outhouse historian as I am - you might enjoy this fella and his vintage rifles. In his last vid the old lady caught him using a food dehydrator to dry out his cartridges after clean up and he may no longer be alive. A pity if so - he makes for fine entertainment for us old guys.

Today's Sportsman's Crockumentary is brought to you
by British Muzzleloaders!
God Save The King!

Welp, I'm down to the dungeon to do my winter reloading. Have a great Sunday, everyone - and stay warm and close.


  1. No need for a lawyer, that guy's been in penury for years! Incidentally, your taste in rifles is improving.

  2. No, I wouldn't be surprised at the number of shooters who couldn't do that. I'm one. In order to hit anything at all beyond 50 feet, I require a rest, a 'scope, and someone else to shoot the rifle.

  3. I've had more dud primers in the last year than ever before; I suspect some things have slipped-through QC in the 'never stop' production everyone's been going through.

    Mind you, 'than ever before' in this case means I've had two, one with CCI and one with Federal primers.

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