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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Very Odd...

This is the kid that pulled the trigger on those people in
the mosque in Queerbec.

Well all the flags are at half mast up here in Alberta which I presume is because of that mosque shooting. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and maybe it's my imagination - but there's something in that kid's stare that sets off my bush radar. I see a flat vacuum in that kids' eyes that would tell me not to trust him or turn my back on him.

But something odd is going on here. Consider the political climate: the lefties and liberals see Hitler in every shadow, and the 4th Reich rising if some kid scratches a swastika into the wall of the stall in the crapper down at the hockey rink. Everybody they don't like is a racist, homophobe or misogynist that should be punished as inhumanely as possible.

The last time we had a high profile mass shooting was when Marc Lepine took a Ruger Mini 14 and shot up a class of girls in some mickey mouse 'women's studies' program back in the 1990's. Apparently he was screeching some rot about feminists as he gunned them down, and finally did the world a favour and took himself out.


The liberals had a KINIPTION of biblical proportions! Allen Rock hopped up on the soap box and started screeching about 'house-to-house' searches to confiscate everyone's firearms! He waved his pudgy little fists around as he tried to lay the blame for this horrific incident at the feet of kadiddle-hopping farmers with a .22 out in the barn and gun club duffers and stubfarts. But!!! But - this was an attack on women!!! Feminists!!!! Don't you ignorant red neck hillbillies understand what a threat guns are??? Welp, we all just laughed and gave Allen Rock the finger and swapped rude jokes about his idiot boss, Prime Minister Jean Poutine Cretin.

Undeterred, the liberals came out with a raft of idiotic gun control laws, wiped their asses on our constitution and bill of rights (if you're a gun owner in Canada you do not have the right to remain silent in court, or the right to due process in search and seizure cases - and that's just for starters). Afterward, the liberals high-fived each other and patted themselves on the back - and the poor RCMP officers just shrugged and wondered if they would have to enforce this shit. A few cases made it to court and I was astonished when the usually liberal judges - threw them out! The laws were so idiotic that the courts refused to enforce them. Most of the cops do too. They wanted to go after people like our boy in the picture above - not smelly, dyspeptic and disrespectful old farts like Yours Truly!

Maybe I am being premature but the liberals haven't shat their pants this time. I wonder why? There was talk there were two shooters. Could the other one have been a moslem? If so, that wouldn't fit the narrative and the libs would try to sweep it under the rug. Islam is a religion of piss peace, dontchya know. The story is already circling and swirling down the liberal memory hole - even the CBC isn't blood dancing. What gives?

In any event, I choose to be a 'glass half full' guy on this and look at the bright side! My new rifle came in today - an Italian repro of the Remington Rolling Block guns of the 1870's. If the liberals start babbling about gun controls again - somebody wake me up! I will want to get right on it and comply with them as soon as possible, HAR HAR HAR!


  1. Hey Filthy,
    This may be an explanation:
    Found your blog while on assignment up in Alberta. Still enjoy reading it back home in Texas!

    Found your blog while on assignment Fort Saskatchewan.
    Returned home to Texas, and still enjoy reading it.

  2. What were ya doing in The Fort, McFoster? I am out there all the time too!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yes, silence is usually the predecessor of white-washing.

    1. There is some of the usual ass-hattery going on here. Some guy apparently made rude jokes about the shooting and got a $500.00 fine or something.

      My response to that would be "Whaddya call a bus load of moslems going over a cliff with one empty seat?"