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Friday, 24 February 2017

What The Happiest Woman In The World Looks like

Hey, does the DHS do Canada too? They're the guys with the black choppers and the fellas in the bomb suits and HAZMAT suits that show up when aliens from outer space land on earth, right?

I sometimes check on my daughter and her love partner by lurking at some of the internet sites they do. I don't do it often, usually it makes me want to either barf or weep at the depths to which they've fallen. It's like they're drowning in the bottom of a pool of toxic waste - and they're down too far for me to reach and grab 'em out without falling in myself. I shouldn't do it, it's painful as I try to fathom the light years between us.

Behold: What the happiest woman in the world looks like.

I woulda figgered the happiest woman in the world would be someone like Chicken Mom torturing the birds, or maybe Mom scribbling about her preps and daily doings. But no - this Seattle University graduate, this Cis female pluviophile sets us all right!

Thar she blows sits. Morbidly obese, stuffing her face
with fruits n' pastries amidst smelly cats.
Envy her, ye black hearted patriarchs!

"I spend no small amount of time looking at paintings unhappy women in Western art. Women pursued by undesirable men, women forced to listen to lute-players in an enclosed space, women trapped in a web of inescapable male conversation, women desperate for the release only death can bring them."



This is my militant lesbian daughter's crowd. How do you even relate to somebody like that? We have an entire generation of toxic, feral women growing up like exactly like this. Where does this shit come from? This bile and venom? They number in the tens of millions. And the rest of us go silent as church mice when clot headed cnuts like Ashley Judd wear vagina-hats and publicly, angrily protest - errr....what, exactly? I'm sorry ladies but it has to be said, and there's no nice way to say it to the young women involved: Fuck you.

I hate to break it to these misguided young women, but the vast majority of these types are undesirable women too. Any man of any worth won't give train wrecks like that a second glance. I suppose it's the chicken and egg argument: do women become gay because they can't attract a man, or are they born that way and drive men away with their repulsive personalities and appearances? To even ask the question qualifies as a hate crime in places.

I ask again - how do you relate to somebody like this? I woulda looked at that painting and said "It's a fat chick stuffing her face at a picnic." Then I woulda been set on fire by a horde of offended, disgruntled lesbians,  and launched off a catapault! These are some seriously messed up people but to say so is verboten.

And THIS is the portrait of the world's
most disgusted father.
Watching his 30-something daughter refusing to grow up
or take responsibility, indifferently scratching his
balls as screeching, sexually disturbed
women list all his faults, real and imagined,
in excruciating detail. 

I used to lie awake at nights wondering "How do I fix this? How did I break it? That's MY kid, her sins are MY sins...".  It took me YEARS to finally tell that shaggy ape in the mirror that there's nothing you can do. From here on out the Battle Of The Sexes is going to be nothing but battles won and wars lost. My war was lost long ago and the bitterness is fading one day at a time. There's some good things about losing family feuds. When ya go down to defeat, the terms and conditions of it are clear and concise and graved in stone - all you gotta do is come to terms with them. To the victors? They have to be seriously wondering just exactly what it is they 'won'... and was it worth it? Once maturity if forced on them by Darwin and Murphy I suspect they will come to the same answers I did. Or maybe not - who knows how those people think?

Bah! Sorry to be a downer everyone. I'm just bitter and twisted because we have inventory tomorrow and I get to count nuts and bolts and springs all day until I'm fuggin cross-eyed. I hope YOU have a great weekend lined up - go out and DO something with the missus and the family.

Do something FUN.


  1. dear g,
    it is what it is.
    you are doing well in your recovery.
    no use to wonder, only God knows reasons.
    put your child in God's hands.
    i cannot comfort you but i can encourage you.
    Jesus loves you, and He loves your daughter.

    deb h.

    1. That's right, Deb.

      You can only do what you can do and then it's all up to The Boss. Hope all is well with you and yours.