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Friday, 28 April 2017

A Once Proud And Prestigous Constabulary

Are you shitting me...? Must be Morontario or Queerbec...

If you eeeevil Murican bastards wanna see what happens to a country destroyed by liberals - your lookin' at it right there. That thing is so representative of liberal/democrat culture: a gutless piss burning import languishing in the snow!

I am at a loss to see what the LBGQTFUCKMYRECTUM crowd sees in all this.

There ya go. Law enforcement done right!

Why, all that needs is a set of Texas long horns bolted to the front of the hood! When I violently overthrow the Canadian gubbimint and assume control of the country, you will see a squadron of these fly into a crowd of gay pride protesters at 70 MPH (oh yeah, you can shove the metric system up your arse too, you liberal scum) - and then the officers'll get out and spray the crowd with rubber bullets fired from full auto AR15's! Greasy hippies, creepy skanky women and turd brained socialists will drop like flies! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Ooops - did I say that out loud? Must be Friday, and time to up my meds...!


  1. Glen, if you're going to fly into a crowd of LBGQTFUCKMYRECTUM types, make sure you have the optional bug deflector installed! Oh; and make sure the windshield washer tank is full of Prestone bug juice remover; it'll remove even the greasiest LBGQTFUCKMYRECTUM...

    Oh; and be sure to sit on your helmet...

    1. Guts are water soluble, Pete! A good soaking in good ol' soap n' water should do it! ;)