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Sunday, 2 April 2017

BAD Range Day

I dunno how I managed to have a bad day on the range - but I did it!

I got drunk on Friday and was so disgusted with myself that I figgered I would just get up Saturday morning, do my day and take my lumps because they were self inflicted. I got up early, packed up all my chit and took off.

When I got there, I discovered I forgot my cleaning rod at home. The Retirement Rifle burns black powder which requires frequent bore mopping. No prob, I had my little semi-auto black rifle along so I would put a few rounds through the Retirement Rifle, then switch over to the pea-shooter. I got my targets up, laid out my shooting mat, and waited for 9:00 when the shooting starts.

Right at 9:00 my cell goes off. An idiot customer had a critical job on the go, had 'Red Greened' the tools he had bought, blown them up - and it was all MY fault. Technically he wasn't my customer - but unfortunately our sales rep in his area is a good-for-nothing vibrant pakie who doesn't know his head from his ass - so I tried to help him out. Turned out I would have to go into the office to see if we could find him a loaner. By the time I'd packed up, gone back to the office, sorted the moron out - half the day was shot. When I got home I cleaned the guns and locked them up and wondered what to do with myself. I did get a few shots off before going into the office but I was still cross-eyed from the booze the night before, and my skin was still on backwards - and I couldn't even hit paper at 200m!

With half the day shot, I wondered what to do with myself so I went and fired up my big touring motorcycle. It was sandy and wet out - there's still a lot of snow and mud round up here - but I drove slow and careful and had a nice little tour around the county. There were a few other guys out but they were frozen stiff - with the big windshields and fairings on my machine I didn't even have to zip up my jacket. Cruising at 50 MPH was just a cool breeze!

Today I am going to charge up my RC aircraft and maybe go for a flight or two... depending on whether the turkeys are finished with me or not.

Have a good Sunday!

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