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Monday, 10 April 2017

Christie Blatchford...

... has been running some interesting tidbits on the National Post. The National Post is a liberal rag sheet that I wouldn't wipe my ass with... but Christie is capable of reasoned commentary on occasion. I think she might have missed the boat here, though.

I dunno about you, but I wonder how in hell some men survive that shit. Nor do I understand what the big deal is. When a couple splits, how friggin hard can it be to divvy up their belongings in a fair and reasonable manner? It's no wonder some men commit suicide, and even less a wonder that they sometimes kill the ex before blowing their own brains out!

I know when Flapz was going through his divorce, things got so mean and nasty he had to threaten his ex by going total dead beat: he would quit his job, move into his Mom's basement and starve that bitch along with the kids if she and her lawyers didn't sober up! He got off lucky paying $1900.00 a month for three kids. Apparently the kids are all grown now and she is still trying to chisel him for more loot.

Today's heroic single mom...

I thank you, O Merciful God, for my wife, her faith and her strength - and saving me from the Batshit Crazy Women that walk the earth today. A pox on those whores, every single one! A plague!

When I violently overthrow the current gubbimint and assume the throne as Emperor Of Canada, I am going to have all the family court judges frog marched into the town square and shot in public by a firing squad made up of angry white men. Then their heads will be cut off and set on spikes as a warning to the other finks in the judiciary that forget that the law belongs to We The People, not They The Judges And Politicians. Then I will make it law: upon a divorce, everything gets split 50/50 and that is that for that! If wymens are equal to men, they can damned well go out and earn a living and provide for their damned kids the way men are supposed to.

Errrr... did I just commit treason or a hate/thought crime?

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  1. You committed a hate thought. Deed. Crime. Whatever.

    All this equality is real good until the Old Man has had enough of Herself's incessant whinging, snaps and files for the big 'D'. Then it's all about alimony and child support for the three little darlings that are growing up just like mommy-dearest and need diamond studded whatevers for their where-evers. At $1900 a month I'm surprised he was able to feed himself, let alone afford a roof and clothing.

    Yeah, equality. It's just great, isn't it?