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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Dirty Laundry

With all due apologies to my regular readers and friends (you two know who you are), ya might wanna give this one a miss. I have my last message to my militant lesbian SJW daughter… and it ain’t pretty. Meh – it’s life.

Hey Spud. Welp... I know what you did.

Slick too, ya got me again. Oh, I know it’s my own damned fault. For some reason the father in me just won’t die – he wants – he craves to see that daughter he remembers – the beautiful one getting honours in school, the one that neighbours and friends admired that filled his heart with pride as well as love. I won’t tell Nanny or Grampy or even Mom what you did. I deserved it. I just had problems letting go and dealing with the realities. My bad - it won't happen again.

I saw your grandparents last year when I was out on Dawg Patrol on Cloverbar – they were coming from the other direction. When your grandmother saw us, she spun on her heel and started waddling her fat ass the other way as fast as she could. I think she was in tears. Your grandfather vapour locked in between us – I think he might have wanted to talk, but Lynn shrieked something at him and he turned and joined his wife, and they both beat an unhappy retreat. That’s what happens when you lie and deceive others to manipulate them, Spud – they end up taking your lumps too. In addition to their own. Dunno if you’ve seen them, but they’re getting frail, small and old. They’ll never know about that last stunt you pulled and I will never tell them. They’re your parents now and they can hold the bag for the demons eating you. They insist on feeding them.

As for me… I get it. Finally I got it. Jeez, it took a long time, I know … but I realize that beautiful young woman with the world at her feet is now a rancid lesbian cunt with a bad haircut, a bad attitude and all the self inflicted problems that go with copping out in life, family and responsibility at a young age. It’s easy to know it in your head, but the heart is another matter – especially when it’s broken. You will face Darwin, Murphy, and eventually God on your terms and I will not intercede on your behalf. I forgive you for the sinful, awful things you’ve said and done for what it’s worth. But your demons will remain YOURS and you will bear the consequences for them on your own. Enjoy your smugness, because they haven’t really come calling yet. But they will. Eventually. It’s no longer a case of I can’t help you with those – it’s a case of I ‘WON’T’. I don’t want to see you in my world again either, Spud.

Next week it’s gonna be 32 years, huh? Wow. Where did the time go? And how in hell did we end up here? For God’s sake, we’re all adults … but we are what we are and it is what it is I suppose. You are one mistake in my life I am finally done with. I’m letting it all go – from here on out I will never speak of you again on these pages, nor will I ever make the mistake of thinking things can be fixed. We’ll be fine, our marriage has actually become better than it ever has before and we have things of our own to look forward to. Wish things coulda been different between us though.

Happy Birthday, TL – and best of luck to ya.


  1. you are a true daddy.
    nothing will change that but you can stop cutting yourself on it.
    Jesus loves you and it is best to leave these griefs in His hands.

    1. That is really nice of you to say Deborah. I appreciate the kind words.

  2. Replies
    1. Bah - I should have dealt with this long ago. The hurtin' and healin's done and now, WL.

      Do you have kids?