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Friday, 14 April 2017

Filthie Takes The Pre-Employment Snowflake Test

For the last little while our corporations and even our economy has been at the mercy of the politically correct HR fatties and the hairy chested feminists in clerical and admin. If that isn't bad enough there are any number of beta males and finks that will happily enforce it. It's fuggin BRUTAL. Remember that scandal a few years back where a job applicant was told that he would have to open up his facebook account and hand over the passwords to the company if he wanted to get hired? Do you honestly think a man would do something like that? A pulp mill up north here came up with a doozey of a politically correct way to do ethical business: no more would us technical sales guys be able to pitch to the maintenance and mechanical planners - we would have to sell to the old bints in purchasing! The idea was that we were 'selling through the back door' and only the integrity and honesty of the purchasing and admin personnel could put a stop to it! HAR HAR HAR!  It became a cluster of biblical proportions! With all the power to make purchase decisions, the ladies involved would not approve purchases unless things in the mill were about to explode. Gotta watch that bottom line, right? Welp - the maintenance guys started going out on stress leave first. Can ya blame 'em? Who wants to be around when that kiln or pressure vessel blows? You don't want to be around it, and you don't want to be around when it kills or hurts your buddies either! The wrench pullers went out on stress leave - and then shit started blowing up. I was a junior inside sales person when one of the purchasing ladies phoned up in an absolute FLATHER - "Glen, we need a control valve with the following trim options right now -!!!!" Weeeeeelp.... control valves like that, with exotic materials of construction for chemically aggressive service, with critical systems certs? If we expedite the shit out of it we might be able to get you one out of Helsinki in 8 weeks...

Then the purchasing ladies started going out on stress leave.

Political correctness has become a means for allowing stupid, marginal and mediocre people to assume power that they should have no business having. Now the workplace is a minefield where you have to live in fear of offending some idiot rather than getting the job done. 95% of the time the morons involved are ugly, stupid women, queers, socialists, militant atheists and other schmucks that collectively have become known as 'social justice warriors' or SJW's. Ya can't run a business with people like that.

So it seems that The Snowflake Test has been designed and is actually being administered to screen these losers out at hiring time. How in hell did it take so long?  I figured I will take a swing at some of the questions for gits n' shiggles:

Outside of standard benefits, what benefits should a company offer employees?
Those that might be used as incentives to increase profitability.

What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?
Depends on what they're carrying. It is my conviction that Glocks are suitable for black pimps that hold their guns sideways and that's about it. Maybe bums like Uncle Bob and Pete too. Guns are not particularly ladylike, and therefore they should carry concealed. I would favour the classic BBQ guns for men on formal occasions - but will accept casual working guns and revolvers too.

What are your feelings about safe spaces in challenging work environments?
About the same as thumb sucking and teddy bears in the workplace.

Should “trigger warnings” be issued before we release content for clients or the company that might be    considered “controversial”?

How do you feel about police?
I will respect them. They will reciprocate. Nobody gets hurt. A lot of people hate them but I am smart enough to see that they are doing a thankless, now impossible job - and are cracking up as a result. They and their families have my sincere sympathy and support.

When was the last time you cried and why?
2010. My daughter had just become my biggest failure in life. Do not ask for clarification please.

What are your thoughts on the current college environment as it pertains to a future workforce?
Moral and intellectual sewers. Only the programs involving hard work, rigour and discipline are valid. The rest, like the arts and humanities, are a means of awarding phony credentials to otherwise worthless people. I would consider formal education in things like gender/womens/aboriginal studies to be red flags to mark grievance mongerers.

What does “faith” mean to you?
My faith is personal and my own business. I will share it only with friends, on my own time after work but not in the workplace.

You see someone stepping on an American Flag. What happens next?
I'm Canadian. I know what it means for a nation to die, to be killed by liberal idiots that have no appreciation for their nation or it's traditions and customs or the people that built it. I suppose I would wait for that mob to finish with their 'protest'. When they were gone I would pick up that battered, wounded flag... and try and fold it up into as neat a  triangle as I could take it home and clean it... and then the next time I saw some young squaddie in a restaurant with his wife and kid, I would call the waitress over, pay for their meal and make sure she gives those kids that flag. It would be my little gesture back at those stinking mobs and their idiots that burn and trample flags. Or, maybe not. I would find something good to do with a symbol of a good and worthy nation, and some small way to give the finger to those that would besmirch it.


Am I a snowflake? Well sure! My feelings can and have been hurt. I've had my heart not only broken, but pulled out of my chest, incinerated, and the ashes stepped on with dirty shoes! And as a result of that I committed sins of my own: I got angry at people, and worst of all, I even felt sorry for myself for way too long. But good things have come out of that - I have become stronger, and wiser and I can sympathize and empathize with those who are in a temporary, fragile state. They can lean on me just as I have leaned on others at such times - at home, at the airfield or at work.

Today we need to get our game on and compete. In the real world there are winners and losers and not everyone gets a trophy. In fact you can do everything right and STILL get screwed! That's not fair - but it's life and that's we have churches, family and communities. It's long past time to grow up and harden up for all of us.

Have a good Goof Friday and a Happy Easter.


  1. a blessed Paschal season to you and your wife.

  2. May you have a blessed Resurrection Day, Glen.

  3. Glen, if you should ever find yourself in DC , look me up. We could have an adult beverage or two. Your wisdom always enlightens me.