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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Friday Wind In The Wi.... Rotors???

Ever see that 1970's TV adaptation of Ray Bradbury's 'Martian Chronicles'? There's a scene on that one that lives with me to this day: one of the astronauts went rogue on the Red Planet and he's killing the others one at a time. The boys get fed up with it, and figure they'll hunt the perp down and end him with some gun play. So they're standing round on a red, sandy dune around sunset, working the actions on their rifles, slapping in magazines and getting the heavy metal ready to go... and one of these roars overhead to conduct the hunt from the air!

If your scifi flick has one of these in it - it just has to be good!

I was going to build one at one time, there's plans for them on the internet - look up the Gyrobee if you want a novel way to kill yourself. I was even going to get lessons but the only guy in Alberta licensed to be a flight instructor on one of these - died in a crash the week before I met him. I figured that was Darwin and Murphy trying to get my attention and abandoned the dream.

The fearless Gyro Captain from Mad Max - the proper,
original version.

A rare event where a Hollywood script runs true to life - almost.
In a real crash both man and machine would look a helluva
lot worse for wear.

The gyrocopter is touted as an amateur's aircraft. While it may have wonderful flight characteristics, this thing is a mechanical nightmare and if you choose to fly one - you had better be a mechanical whiz kid and a top flight materials guy - and even then one of these could still kill ya.

I look at these and fall in love with them all over again.
If you're gonna fly one the Monarch with it's
sturdy landing gear - seems like the best of the bunch...

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