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Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Suspiciously reminiscent to Big Bro's Tupperware Band

When I was a kid I was so square I could cut glass on my sharp corners. By contrast Big Bro was as cool as they came. He had a fire breathing sports car, a great job with AGT and could play a guitar and sweep the girls off their feet. I strongly suspect this old bald headed furlie could too at one time.

On a few special summer nights their Tupperware Band would fire up and things ran much like they did for ol' Dave up on the stage there. Ya see the back up guitar? And the monkey on the drums? They were there for the main song but when Dave starts improvising and goes off on some of his own riffs and chords - those guys are left struggling to keep up. They did pretty good too - whereas the Tupperware Band totally sucked balls when they did it. All the instruments would be doing their own thing and then they would - right outta the blue - get on the same page and then they sounded like pros. For a few seconds anyways.

Good luck with that, ya old fart.

Dave's doin' alright. His voice isn't what it once was, but all those years with that guitar have improved his finger work and now that guitar is doing some of his singing for him.

A hot hot papa? There's far worse things to be at our age.

Listening to this guy years ago made me want to get up and go and chase the girls. Today I still enjoy it just as much, but like the idea of the music, a campfire and sitting at the picnic table with the gal I have.

You've aged well, Dave.

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