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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Getting Your Priorities Straight

Unlike you bastidly Murican scum - we Canadians have achieved social Utopia up here, thanks to our progressive liberal gubbiment. That is why half of Hollywood wants to move here! (And - speaking of that...don't you guys owe us a blimp?)

HAR HAR HAR!!! Ya know what? Keep it!!! We have enough of our own!

So while our debt soars, our dollar dives, and filthy low IQ/low skill vibrants swarm into our country to crash the social programs and healthcare - it looks like we ARE going to legalize pot!

For me pot has always been a non-issue. I tried it in my younger days but was unimpressed with it - it did absolutely nothing for me. Mind you, the stuff we smoked was utter crap compared to the quality of the product today. Where as our stuff was fairly mild and could contain poplar leaves, T P, and peanuts and corn...the stuff today has been genetically bred and modified to contain 20 times the THC levels that us elderly 70's kids smoked. But - whatever. I always regarded pot as something for degenerates and morons - and it is - but there are plenty of respectable people smoking it nowadays too. So today, I pretty much think its use is a manifestation of small but mostly harmless character flaws. I'm sure the pot heads will be shocked and hurt to know what I think of them, HAR HAR HAR!

In any event I found myself in a conundrum. It's gonna be legal now any day. It's no longer a way to flip off The Man or your parents. I could light up a gagger and smoke it in my back yard and nobody will say a thing about it. (My neighbours are users but I don't care, they mind their beeswax and we mind ours).

Thanks to M'siue Turdo La Doo, I can smoke weed. Sooooooo - should I do it? For some reason the thought hit me like a thunderbolt. It's always been drilled into me that recreational drugs belong in the gutter and are for stupid people.

Then I actually thought about it and I couldn't do it even if I wanted: I am a reformed smoker and if I started smoking that shit, I may as well start smoking cigars again! I just don't want to do tobacco any more, never mind pot. And yannow - a lot of the users today are stupid people and degenerates whether they are seen by the law like that or not. At my age I have better things to do with my money and time - and that goes triple for the kids, IMO.

So, LOL - I am not going to celebrate the abolishment of draconian drug laws that make life ever so terrible for stupid people.

Your mileage may vary.


  1. Yeah; they legalized reekweed in our neck of the woods. Trouble is, it's still against federal law; trouble for the citizen, that is. Y'see, the loony Left in our state thinks guns should be removed from the hands of the law-abiding; that is, of course except for the rent-a-cops that guard their gated communities. So what do they do? They legalize "medical marijuana." All one needs to do to be a dope on dope is to find a doctor who will issue a medical marijuana card, and a dippy-hippie can toke full throttle, wheels-up. The trouble comes when this mental midget goes to buy a gun. Since pot is still illegal according to federal law, the bud-smoker will be denied the right to bear arms, as he/she broke federal law, and will fail the background check. Of course, the Leftards in the legislature will deny even thinking about that end-run around the 2nd...

    1. I've never bought the medical mary-jane argument. It's an utter pantload: if you want to tell me that there aren't better approved medications for what ails the patient, I call BS. They have pain killers that can knock out a Marine or even King Kong, they have the science of medicine behind them - but we are letting druggies dictate to the doctors. Whatever.
      My real objection to this is the incrementalization that is bound to follow: now the coke heads are going to want their poison of choice legalized and we will have the legal precedent to do it.

      But what do I know, Pete - I am just an obsolete old fart...