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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter

Some people have their enlightenment hit 'em in one big gulp like a religious epiphany. Maybe that's because they have IQ's above freezing where as I don't! With the shit at work and the writing on the wall there, and the Albertan economy diving headfirst down the crapper and some personal family BS... I have had to sit back and re-evaluate the way I think of things and perceive them. I have some outdated standards and beliefs that just don't work in the new reality anymore. I'm a simple man; I've reached the point in life where I have everything I ever wanted and it's time to enjoy the material things I've accumulated and get rid of some I don't need. It's time to be content. That means some hard work on the interior things.

Being at peace is hard for me, I've always had to go-go-go, always had to make money, make money, make money, the mind is always churning... and there was always something in that trying to oppose me, somebody who wasn't playing ball, some plan or other that just went off the rails despite my best planning and efforts. There was always something to worry about, and stupid details and failures that drove me insane. This crap at work is the final straw. It's time to make changes. Lot's of 'em. Good ones.

Last night I slept like a rock. This morning I woke up early, took my drugs, and then read on the ipad and languished in the fart sack for a half hour. My beautiful wife brought me breakfast in bed but I declined - I need to change the way I eat. Bless her heart, she wasn't offended at all! I am going to change the way I eat, my motorcycle is 1700cc of horsepower and she needs all those ponies just to haul my bulk around. I don't want to live like this anymore.

Macey started gasping, whining and moaning so rolled out,  choked her up, threw on some clothes and went for a walk with her and Mr. Mordhu. My back was screaming bloody murder but after I bent over a few times to pick up the land mines... it settled down to a peaceful creak.

It was so peaceful out. It was only -4C with no wind so
we had a beautiful walk.
We only saw one other walker out with a young pup
that was flipping out on the end of his leash the way puppies do.

The wife shovelled yesterday. I just said screw it, it will all
melt next week anyways.
I'm glad she did, the ice today is horrible and everyone else was
thinking like me - and they said 'to hell with it ' too!
We had to walk on the road where people had refused to shovel.

It's hard to maintain an inner peace and calm. My mind isn't wired that way; I worry about things that I shouldn't. After last week, I've decided to meet whatever comes with peace, confidence and enthusiasm. Starting this morning!

What are you doing, reading this crud? Get out there and enjoy the morning before it gets away! And - have a Happy Easter...!


  1. The only two things that will bring peace are the Lord and the wisdom of old age. I hope you load up all you can on the first; the second will come all too soon anyway!

    1. I am good with the first, but skeptical of the latter. Me? Wise up? Ya know who you're talking to, right?

  2. It is a struggle I am having to deal with as well. I always feel like I should be doing more than I am. Why? The only person putting this sort of pressure on me is myself. I really have to ask myself why.

    Good on you deciding to change your lifestyle and how you eat. It is never too late.

    And the happiest of Easters!

    1. And the same to you and yours, TB! Thanks for stopping by!