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Monday, 24 April 2017

Intramural Soccer At Uncle Bob's School For Retards & Wayward Boys

Now all we need is a score keeper that can count! HAR HAR HAR!!!

In other non-sport, special Olympian news -

I ask again: Are you not entertained?

My first thought was that these idiots fought and killed ... for a soccer game. I suppose it could have been something else motivating the incident. Thugs, hooligans and soccer just seem to be made for each other.

I have no interest in professional sport. The difference between my team up here in Canada, and your team down in Murica - is who can afford the best talent. Right now everyone's driving round town with Edmonton Oilers flags on their cars. I am one of these guys that believes these games are fixed so that the right teams advance. I've just seen too many drawn out 7 game series where one team clearly outclasses the other, and the thing should have been over in 4 games. The last time I talked like that was at a family dinner and Big Bro and Pop got so mad that I got kicked and slapped out the door on onto the deck - and then thrown over the rail! HAR HAR HAR! In their homes, guys like Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods walk on water.

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