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Friday, 28 April 2017

Manly Jewelry...?

Maybe it's just my imagination and I'm crazy - but it seems to me that the more jewelry and bling a man has, the more likely it is that he's a douche bag.

So it was that Flapz came into the shop with a new ring he'd found and I was overcome by greed and jealousy so I beat him up and took it.

If this ring isn't proof of Flapz' douche bagginess,
I dunno what is.
Flapz rides a Harley and therefore probably
has a unicorn tattooed over the crack of his ass.

After some serious fisticuffs and pugilistics, I triumphantly sent this pic to the wife on the cell to show off my ill-gotten gains. Apparently that's the finger engagement rings go on. Who knew? I sent a text back saying that Flapz and I were butt blasters and we were gonna get married, HAR HAR HAR!

The wife DID NOT appreciate my sense of humour.

She says I need to see jewelry and humour in a different light... and I probably will once the swelling goes down.

That is the bugger of getting old though. Cool is something that simply is no longer feasible past a certain age.