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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Missing The Forest For The Trees

Gotta love Voxxie. I read him regularly and agree with 95% of what he says but I have an intense dislike of the man regardless.

"If this is the correct interpretation of events, and if the Syria attack causes the Chinese to remove the Kim dynasty from power in North Korea, it will be seen as a brilliant grand strategic move on the God-Emperor's part. It will also demonstrate that Trump not only is not controlled by the neocons, but that he doesn't need them at all."

Vox once shat his pants in rage when somebody accused him of dashing to the front of the parade in order to pretend to lead it. There is no doubt in my mind that he does indeed lead a parade of sorts and perhaps I'd just best leave it at that. Unfortunately it looks like he tripped over his dink as he rushed to the head of this one.

Essentially, his synopsis is correct. What he fails to notice is that Trump has sent a message to the more rabid aspect of the so-called Alt-right as well - and that message is that he really doesn't need them either. Quite a few of that crowd are livid at the attack on Syria and Trump's pretty much ignored them, as he should. That guy is his own man and I strongly doubt he would take advice from kids like Vox, either.

Let the beer, the popcorn, the circus and the free bread continue.

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