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Thursday, 13 April 2017


What a shit show.

Month or so back the national sales manager came out and booted my bloody ass around the office six times and twice again on Sunday. I expected it; Alberta is plunging into a major recession and our sales have dived with it. My customers have been closing up shop, laying off, and shutting down for close to a year now. I had never seen him this bad either - he shouted, pounded the table and pointed fingers and was flat out abusive. When I tried to speak, he cut me off. When I tried to explain to him what was happening in the marketplace and why we were doing what we were doing - he would shout me down and lose his shit.

After a couple of hours of that I just lost MY shit and started giving it back - and in our last exchange of the day he stormed away in a rage. I was astounded. I knew he heard it because he was only half way down the stairs when I shouted "Oh, go suck a fart you French cack sucker....!!!" The man was smart enough to keep on going and pretend that he hadn't heard it.

When I got myself under control again I sent the President an email and copied all the senior management on it - and told them what had happened, how the manager had handled it - and that if this was the way this company was going they might want to save everyone some stress and lay me off or fire me now - because I wasn't going to be a punching bag or a scapegoat for some fwench idiot with an attitude. They could fire me and have the same problems with the next guy. Floggin my ass and threatening me doesn't help  me; it just pisses me off and makes me want to quit.

I never heard anything back and assumed my national sales manager had finally gotten control of himself too - or maybe the brass hats took him aside and told him to grow up. For everyone else, I told them all was well, keep working and keep their chins up because all that was - was a friendly spat between a couple stupid buggers that took themselves too seriously. The company was a good place to work, everyone just had to chill out and relax.

Last night my new branch manager got an email from the President. They're cutting his pay by 20%. Now he is livid. I have been training that fricken man to replace The Crack for the last 7 months. He's been a problem now and then and has just about killed me twice - but he's smart, he cares, and he's trying to do a good job. Now this. I won't be surprised at all if they demand the keys to my truck and a pink slip on Monday because of all the rotten things I said to them in that altercation with their trained zipper national sales manager. Between us Big Al and I have been holding that branch together with binder twine and duct tape. 9 and a half years I have into that place.

It's time to go. Even if I don't get let go or fired on Monday - I've had enough. I am sending resumes out now and when I'm done I am cleaning out my truck in preparation of giving it back.

I am trying not to get bent out of shape about it. I am probably going to have to lawyer up to get my payout but that's the way these guys have decided to roll.

Good news is that there ARE jobs around and almost all my bills are paid! The Fishin' Hole is hiring - I could get a job there for five bucks an hour trying to catch losers like Uncle Bob and Gorges Grouse shoplifting worms n' maggots and other live bait, HAR HAR HAR! Or maybe I will get a job putting toothpaste into tubes. My new trailer is bought and paid for so I can afford some down time. If I have to sell that and a few guns to make ends meet later on - that will be alright too.

It's been tense around here for the last little while - and she's probly gonna get worse. Oh well - that's life. Wish me luck y'all!


  1. It is tough NOT to get bent out of shape considering the time you have invested in the organization. You cannot sell if no one is buying. Will things turn around? That is the theory. It is a matter of if and when.

  2. Jesus help you.
    prayed a tiny prayer for you.

  3. Thanks, Deb.

    BW I 'THINK' things might have ticked up a smidge... but good grief, I am seeing nothing at all resembling a recovery. I could see us easily heading into another 1980's style recession...