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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Or Maybe You're A Pedo...

Is it just me? Am I crazy, or does that girl look way too young to be wearing stuff like that? Now that I'm an old fart anyone under thirty seems to look like a kid! And the older ladies ya wouldna given a second glance in your youth... well they become oddly fascinating too.

Yannow, when you're young it's all kinds a fun to make sport and rude jokes about dirty old men like Wirecutter, BW Bandy, WL Emery and even ruggedly handsome older mature men like Yours Truly.

But one day, you little shits, YOU will be a dirty old man too! HAR HAR HAR! It'll serve ya right too!!!!


  1. Ruggedly handsome?

    I see. Or I'd rather NOT see, if you get my drift.

    A few years back I was taking Main Lady's dog for a walk in the exclusive Lincoln Woods neighborhood of Sylvania, Ohio, when I crossed paths with a Junior High School student. From the waist down, the little darling was clad in a pastel, multicolored garment made out of some micro-thin, stretchable material that was skin tight, form fitting, and left nothing to the imagination. And by that I mean nothing.

    I looked away. I couldn't understand why her parents would allow her to dress like that. I also couldn't understand why she'd be allowed to attend public school dressed like that.

    She was carrying a armload of books, was obviously a Jr. High student (others were on the street), and ignored me as she slowly walked past me and the dog.

    1. Yup. They're walking shit magnets when they go out like that. Every predator within striking distance goes on high alert, and the boys her own age will be sorely tempted to think and do things they ordinarily wouldn't. Why would you want your kid started into sluttery at such a young age?