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Saturday, 29 April 2017


I thought this was a Canadian whisky but I see it's bottled in Kentucky...

In the world of distilled spirits, Canadians have typically been masters of the blended whisky. I dunno if that is just mere hype - I have come across superb blends from other countries that will wipe the mat with most Canadian makes. I am openly suspicious and dubious about expensive short run bottlings as most of them definitely ARE hype and are a poor value for the money.

I bought a bottle of this stuff last year with the idea of squirrelling it away and saving it for the day when my pipe-dream of re-uniting my family came to pass. My father in law was a whisky drinker and mending fences after a virulent disagreement calls for a glass of the good stuff. Or maybe after we ironed out our differences, I would have a celebrational snort before bed time. If it turned out good I would savour it during special occasions. If it was crappy - I would mix it with Coke, Hy Vel hydraulic fluid, and Winchster Red Dot and guzzle it for medicinal purposes.

Long story short - hell will freeze over before we ever become a family again, and the less said about that, the better! In any event, if I don't change my plans I'll never get into that bottle at all! Still and all - a bottle like that can't be opened for the mere hell of it. Only a special occasion justifies opening a bottle like this - and I think I have a couple today.

If you have time later today - please stop by the blog later on if ya can. I am gonna try something different that may or may not work. Maybe you should open up a bottle of your own, and pour yourself a dram of the good stuff for when you stop by too.

I hope to see you later.

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