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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Spedden Alberta

I had to make a surprise overnighter out in the boonies on Thursday. I really should keep an emergency overnight bag in my truck with spare emergency gonchies, tooth brush, toothpaste and socks... GAH! I must be getting old but I feel dirty if I gotta spend two days in the same clothes. (When I was a kid I could go seven or more on hiking trips but I could rinse out my socks and underwear in streams periodically... which probly killed all the fish downstream, HAR HAR HAR!)

One of the customers who I'm trying to bring on board has a hockey display
up in their lobby. That is a bad pic of one of Don Cherry's blazers.
My granddad was a bit of a dandy too and wore stuff like that back in the late 60's
and early 70's.

On the way home I stopped in the cultural centre of Spedden Alberta.

A school boy's dream - a dead school, with busted windows and boarded up doors,
slowly falling into ruin...

A silent relic from the days when a mechanic could make a living at the
corner gas station.

Thankfully this historical landmark still looks like a million bucks
It's a Ukranian Holy Trinity church and is obviously
a much loved and cherished landmark

Back when I still had energy for such things sometimes we would mount up on the ATV's and just take a tour along the Iron Horse Trail. Spedden is between a couple similar dying towns. Vilna is one and I can't remember the other one. Always had a couple road rockets along but we rode smart and slow so a couple beers wasn't a problem. Probly couldn't get away with that today.