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Friday, 14 April 2017

That's A New One

Back when we had cats I prided myself on ways in which to torture them for my idle amusement. Pete had one up awhile back where his cat was sprawled in the sink, of all places. The chump didn't even turn the water on! I put clothes pins on their tails, or socks on their heads and would laugh and chuckle as they flipped out. The meanest thing I ever did was put a piece of masking tape on one of their rear feet - they would start hopping around on three legs and start spazzing out as I roared with derisive laughter. I lost a lot of blood doing that and deserved it all.

The tables turned when we got a little black bastard like the one above. His idea of fun was to go downstairs into my shop and terrorize me. All my tools had a place, and all were in their places - until he showed up. The little fink would knock my tools down just for the hell of it and then watch me flip out in rage! Then he would knock over my carefully stacked scrap lumber. Some of it was pretty big and I wonder how in hell a small cat could get the leverage to knock it over...but he did it. Repeatedly.

I love cats as much as I love dogs.

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