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Friday, 7 April 2017

The ROT Of 1000 Dead Animals

OMFG. Gaaaaaaawwwwwd DAMN!!!

King Charles after a 3 day bender in Coopville.
Not to worry, we are
told he woke up and later walked it off.
But ya get the idea.
He didn't smell that great for awhile...

Last night I was sound asleep when an unholy STENCH crept into our bedroom with all the stealth and sin of a one-cheek-sneak cabbage fart. I was so bad it woke me up. I thought maybe Mort and Macey were sick and had pooped their pants and that there would be a loose, soupy mess on the floor for me to slip on in the morning. I reluctantly got up to look around and maybe clean it up before it dried and set up like concrete.

But Macey was sound asleep at the foot of our bed and faithfully guarding us while we slept. Mort was keeping vigil from his crate downstairs and both the dawgs were fine. What in hell was that unconscionable REEK?!? Did I chit my pants in my sleep?

And of course as I gradually woke up in the middle of the night I discovered the source - I did a quick trip out to the range last night with the Retirement Rifle and afterward, as is my custom - I soaked the expended brass in soapy water to kill the acidic salts that attack the brass after it has been fired. After that it goes into a brass tumbler and I reload with primers and powder and use it again.

Burnt black powder smells like the arse of a dead goat that has been putrifying in the sun for 3 days. If ya soak it in soap and water and leave it for a couple hours, it smells like the fermented contents in the out house basement!


Mom and Pop are supposed to come over on Sunday and I dunno if I should cancel... the whole house literally smells like squishy-pants!

I might invite Uncle Bob, Quartermain, Pete Forester and BW over though. ;)

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