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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Uncle Bob Found

Uncle Bob was driving the retards out on a field trip in the Short Bus
and had an unexpected mishap.
He was found three miles up the road, stinking of bourbon and dishevelled, looking
for his liver and another quart if Wild Turkey. 

For the record, no - I did not do away with Uncle Bob although after all the rotten things he's said about me and my buddy - George W Bush - you would be correct to suspect it!

I'm suspecting that his untimely disappearance is due to something entirely reasonable, like maybe he got shot by an angry husband as he tried to escape out the window, or maybe some of the rude jokes he's made about feminist land whales and chubsters got him a knife in the gizzrd or something like that.

Relax, his corpse should turn up soon. 

I kinda miss his rancorous commentary too, far as that goes.


  1. I'm not going to lecture you, but I really wish you'd quit using the term "retards." Most REAL "retards" are far better folks than most "normal" people.

    1. The retards at our school are not to be confused with your emissaries from heaven, Gorges.

    2. The original IQ Label Chart was something like this:

      IQ Label
      0 - 25 idiots
      26 - 50 imbeciles
      51 - 70 morons
      71 - 80 liberals
      81 - 90 managers
      91 - 100 hillbillies
      100 + average guys