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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

When Good Men Go Wrong: Homophobia

Or: You Deserve What You Tolerate

Let me preface this right off the bat: Pete is a better man than I am. He's been on both sides of the gun if I understand him correctly, and he's been in situations where if you aren't morally flexible - yer DEAD! I can see why he's not a Pastor anymore either; you can't be pure as the driven snow when you're trying to live through the fires of hell. He's been there I suppose, and even so he's managed to come through it with admirable morals and ethics. If you're on the wrong side of him in a moral or ethical issue - you really, really need to double check your bearings and maps. So it is I find myself in very deep and uncharted waters and I don't think even Pete can help me here. Life and God don't try you when you are in a 'right vs wrong' situation; you are tested when you have to choose between two 'rights', and/or two 'wrongs'.

Look, I get it: nobody wants to be hard or harsh on the fuggin queers. I don't think they should be tossed off tall buildings, or hung for public enjoyment and ridicule. But... wrong is wrong. I got in a fight with Rotten Rod The Gunsmith awhile back. He's our local outhouse theologian who's pretty well read versed like Pete and he's even read the Koran (assuming the old wretch isn't lying like he usually does). He said the old testament and the koran were written to control men, and I think he missed the boat too. I've dabbled in the bible and I think they were written to get men to control THEMSELVES. You can argue whether or not God hates fags; but as far as Darwin and Murphy? The writing is on the wall and they hate queers with a passion. Queers die of AIDS by the bushel because they don't control themselves, and they don't protect themselves from an easily preventable disease. Promiscuous idiotic liberals get taken out the same way. Pete has queer friends whom he says are good folks, and that we must respect their rights and liberties. At what point does doing that become a way of shirking our morals and ethics? Queers are leading the charge against the church. In addition to their degenerate lifestyle. They are breaking down the doors on their bedrooms, and our bathrooms, courtrooms, schoolrooms and boardrooms. They've already told us that they intend to mainstream pedophilia next. As a group they've embraced other perversions as well, such as cultural fascism, censorship and scapegoating. I'm sorry, but it looks to me like Pete is using libertarian principles as a means to bypass his Christian ones. I acknowledge too that he may be entirely correct to do so, and I may be wrong....but people that don't judge don't have judgement. People that believe in nothing will believe anything. Hey - I'm just sayin'. To me, this is what is properly called 'homophobia'. It's a verb rather than noun; and it describes the actions of men that fear the gay agenda and go along with it rather than opposing it.

Even Captain Capitalism refuses to see the evil when it's smack-dab in front of his nose. He's an agnostic capitalist pig and a self proclaimed asshole and I respect him and his credentials immensely. He's a good kid and an avowed agnostic and he reminds me of myself when I was younger. I knew everything too. But you can hear it in his voice - that change of tone when he starts talking about queers and how they should have their own church. No, they bloody well shouldn't, Captain! They should be getting some time on the psychiatrist's couch and most of 'em need to be frog marched out to the wood shed. Quite a few of them should be marched out to the friggin firing squad. Captain Capitalism is a homophobe too.

I despise Vox Day for personal reasons but when it comes to this shite he is right on the money. If that were my church, I would tell the clerical brass where to go and where to shove their church and walk away. For gawdsakes - how is a fuggin queer going to council folks on matters of marriage and children?

As a crabby old bastard that calls 'em as he sees 'em I am calling bullshit. Virtue signalling doesn't do anything for the queers, the social justice warriors or the liberals... and it doesn't do anything for you boys doing it either. Grab some balls, and man up. The gov't can 'recognize' queer marriage, gay rights, and all the frooty colours of their rainbow.

I do not. I will leave the homos to their own lives and fate, and by God almighty - those damned degenerates and depraved wretches will leave me to mine. They sure as hell won't be lecturing me on morality, that's for damned sure.

Rant off.

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