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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Worst. Graveyard. EVER!

If you are looking for picturesque graveyards BW Bandy's blog is the place to go. He gets into the back country and if you watch his blog he'll show you cemeteries on the prairies where all that remains is wind, grass and sky... and memories and ghosts. (Don't worry, this is Alberta. Our spooks and ghosts are all harmless and friendly, unlike the wrathful, chain rattling and moaning wretches you'll find in someplace like Scotland). Catch them in one light, on the right day... and they are beautiful and peaceful. In another season, on a different day they are heart breaking to look at, set in God forsaken landscapes on the desolate edge of nowhere. I look at those and hope the souls resting there are at peace.

But the absolute WORST graveyards are the ones that look like this:

How would you like to try and rest in peace beside an industrial
May God rot the balls of the people responsible for planning this.

When I croak, please don't leave my ashes to my daughter! I'll end up at the bottom of an outhouse somewhere! HAR HAR HAR! When I die I want to be cremated. As my buckskinner friends at the rod n' gun club like to say~

My Soul To My Maker
My Heart To The Winds


  1. Better leave your ashes to a friend or trusted neighbor. I plan to be cremated, too, though it's not my first preference. However, I think it's disgusting that undertakers get so rich off the grief of others, plus I would be buried in a country cemetery where neighbors used to dig the graves. Now you'd have to hire some guy with a Bobcat backhoe.

    1. No doubt. What does it cost to die these days? 20 grand minimum, I have heard... and that was several years ago. Its probably more now....

    2. When my dad died back in December it cost me just over $3k to have him cremated with a service, we are keeping him home for now so that he and mom can rest together when the time is right. had I known his wishes were for a full funeral with burial (he didn't leave a will) it would have been just under $10k not counting headstone. And those are in American. dollars.

  2. I heard or read something years ago.
    Just imagine that you're in a bathtub.
    And dreaming about your legacy.
    When you get out of that bathtub were you there?
    And who would know?

    1. I believe our kids are our legacy DDTR. you're probably alright, but I am forced to hope my Maker is forgiving sort.