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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Curious Case Of Apathy

I seem to be separating myself from current events and politics lately. The world is gonna do what it's gonna do. People will do things to themselves and others that they have no right to. Each morning the clock radio goes off and some yammering idiot is trying to insult me with their politics. I just shut it off, round up the dawgs and head out for dawn patrol.

This last round of vibrancy and diversity in England didn't even faze me. I just shrugged and thought, "If ya give your country away to shit skinned niggers, and insist on making excuses for them, and refuse to protect your women and children... this is the kind of crap you're gonna get..."


Did I say the 'N' word? I forget that nowadays it's a bigger crime to be called a nigger than it is to act like one. Whatever. This old bint is promising to tear up the laws that separate a first world country from a third world land fill. Bawk bawk bawk bawk babawk!!!! It's the stuff of high comedy. At least Trump is trying to keep the fuckers out BEFORE they become a problem.

Anybody with a triple digit IQ can see where we've been and where we're going. You'd think that you'd see the light when your kid is getting bagged and tagged and sent to the morgue - and the smirking moslem mayor of Londonistan says 'Get used to it, it's the new normal for life in the big city...'

You'd think something would click and people would clue in. But no. Here in Canada we are more concerned that ya raise ya kids right, and provisions will be made to relieve you of your parental duties if if ya don't. Via GG.

Gah. There's just more important stuff to worry about.

Yesterday before work I did my first completely successful FPV flight with my homebuilt multirotor. I got some static and interference in the goggles so I bought a better antenna. It's very disconcerting to be flying and have the goggles fill with static and you go effectively blind for a few seconds.

That green pancake thing in the middle of the drone is a clover leaf antenna
which should improve my reception...I hope.

The minions came down a little hard on a few landings up all hands survived and there was no damage. I'm still struggling with the GoPro...

After school I loaded up the bike and took my stubbie AR15 chopper out to the rifle range.

Hey - I'm not that apathetic about world events! Nor should you be. I got some confusing results because I went to an improvised prone for one round and got 8 in the bull at one hundred metres. (That's acceptable, given that this chopper has a 7.5" barrel and a 3x combat optic. Problem was that I got the exact same results when I slung up and shot from the sitting position which is inherently less stable. The boys chatter from time to time about 'truck guns'. Welp... for me the big thing is 'bike' guns! HAR HAR HAR! Punch a few pins out - and that cute little bugger slides right into a saddle bag and I am on the road! I keep meaning to spend more time with this interesting little carbine but the older I get, and the less I care about things... the busier I get. WTF? How does that work?

Well chit. Gotta go to work - have yourself a great Hump Day.


  1. It's no apathy, Glen; it's stepping back from the war and deciding which battles to fight. The media wants you to go full auto, do a 360, kill your friends as well as your enemies, and, most importantly, use up all of your ammo. It's easy to get caught up in the hysteria. We're older though, and (hopefully) have some wisdom under our belts. We know when to hit the O-N/O-F-F switch when necessary, in order to be able to home in on what's important and truly urgent.

    Parts are indeed flying off the machine, and we do need to be ready for its final disintegration. In the meantime, we need to tweak our antennas... or add bigger ones... so that we might hear the whisper in the midst of the thunder... That whisper would be God's voice...

    You BUILT that flying egg beater? You've watched WAY too many sci-fi movies...

    That's a fine looking egg scrambler in the lower pic...

    1. They aren't that hard to build, Pete. It's getting them to fly that is the pain. It took me three weeks in the tech manuals and a couple hundred emails to an expert just to get my computer to talk to the flight controller on that thing. Then more hours configuring it and programming it. At the time it was one of the best flight controllers out there. Today it's obsolete! I am building one half the size with a faster co-processor and advanced algorithms and I am gonna be a drooling wreck by the time that POS takes flight...

      There used to be a bumper sticker that I used to laugh at. Today the old chuckler leaves me cold: "God isn't dead! He just got the hell out of here!"

  2. I think we all are getting a bit tired of the news, especially since they only want to cover a couple subjects, and those for 24 hours a day.