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Friday, 9 June 2017

Inequality Of Outcomes

I was raised on the same bullchit that bred today's social justice warriors. 'What goes around comes around'. 'Cheaters never prosper, crime never pays'. 'Follow your dreams, the money will follow that...' 'Good hard work is always rewarded...'

When I hit the job market in the great oil bust of the mid 80's I learned to live in the real world. I saw that cheaters tended to do pretty good for themselves. Many of my employers were borderline psychotics and a few were guilty of criminal misconduct. I never saw any of them do time or even get punished. Most did well for themselves, at least.

Rather than spend my life driving a forklift and stacking boxes for $5.00/hour, we saved up and I went back to school. When I graduated the student placement department had about six of what I would call serious, honest "career launching" opportunities for new grads. There were about 75 grads in The Class Of 95. Three of those job opportunities went to native students. Two went to the only two women in the program. That left one - and it went to the white kid with the highest marks. Except for the white kid with the high marks, I could have wiped the mat, academically speaking, with any of the others. When I said anything about it, I was told to shut up because I was a racist whiner. It wasn't a total loss because the quality of the jobs I found improved a bit, and it beat stacking boxes for psychotic fucks that infest the big corporations and companies today. I busted my ass in a respected STEM program, not some mickey mouse artsy-fartsy play-program too.

Contrast that with this:

Via our favourite Crazy Uncle Bubba...
Our govt's are truly run by women and children and it shows.
Can you take leadership and orders from people like this in good conscience?

This pic was taken during the moslem massacre of Brit citizens in Manchester. 

Our Prime Minister is eminently qualified for the position of leading our country. In his previous position as a substitute drama teacher, he amassed all the qualities needed to successfully run a first world nation, like... errr... ahem.

Justin Trudeau, or Turdo La Doo as I call him - is basically a good kid. Actually, he's a man in his early 40's if I recall correctly. His father was a prime minister here too - back in the late 70's. He's a big, strong strapping kid that appeals to women because he is a militant feminist himself. His big accomplishment will be the legalization of weed in Canada. That, and making at least 50% of the gubbiment workforce female, with a carefully calculated and racially balanced smattering of vibrants and enrichening ethnics. He shoulda been a good kid - but he just wasn't raised right. His father was a closet homo and a flaming Marxist, and his mom was a bipolar whore. (No, I am not exaggerating (although you would be correct to suspect it) - all this stuff is a matter of public record.

Justin's mother

I'm not bitching. I did alright for myself. Justin did pretty good for himself too. If anyone wants to tell me there was any social justice in the unequal outcomes of our life paths... I am all ears, HAR HAR HAR! Fact is, I did really good compared to today's young men: my nephews both have advanced degrees in the IT field. Neither of them can get steady work. They go from contract to contract, temporary job to temporary job... and lead minimalist lives. They can't afford families or homes or cars. I dunno how it is for you Yanks down there, but up here in Canada, if you drive past any construction site these days, the women are driving the trucks, driving the bobcats and operating the machinery and most of the guys are there for manual labour only. My brother is absolutely disgusted with his sons but I know the score. Big Bro is the classic Canadian Boomer: he got forced into college at gun point, and when he graduated he got a good gubbiment job that he worked for the rest of his life. He retires this week at the age of 56 with a gold plated pension. Three short years later, when I finished high school and expected to do the same - all those good jobs were gone. It's 20 times worse now.

I don't grudge Turdo La Doo or Big Bro their fortunes. Times change, causes and empires rise and fall, and in the real world - good people get the shitty end of the stick, bad people get treated like royalty... and life and death hinge on being in the right place at the right time. (Or the wrong place, at the wrong time). They got dealt good cards - but they played them too.

The point of this ramble? Oh - I think for the vast majority of us, our fortunes ride on the ability to see beyond ourselves. There are no Karmic Wheels dispensing justice to evil people, and every day heroes go unsung into the next world without accolades or rewards they so richly deserve. If you are a young man, bitter and disgusted with the hand you've been dealt...STOP IT. Most of us see what's going on, and the problems here are way, way beyond you.

You young fellas: Keep your eyes open not only for yourself, but for others that can't see beyond their sheltered and entitled circumstances. Play your life's cards the way they were dealt, and make the best of them that you can. Being happy seldom comes natural- it's actually hard work. You will often find great happiness where you least expect it.

Get busy - and have a great Friday.


  1. Filthie, you old philosopher, you!

    1. Sorry Gorges. Dunno what brought that on...

  2. i recommended this column to a young man of our acquaintance, who needs to see this perspective right now as he is losing his job to a female.
    i told him it is undoubtedly political incorrectness as he is as white a male as you can find-and an excellent scholar, too.
    he is just the wrong sex, the wrong color, and at the wrong time.

    thanks for this essay.
    it will be helpful to anyone who reads it. reassuring.

    1. Well that's just it, Deb. He can't take that personally. He was in the wrong job, at the wrong time, with the wrong people at the helm. And it may not seem like it now but I suspect he will be better off in the long run.