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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Joke For The Gunnies

When you get proficient with archery or guns you get to the point where your muscle memory is tuned to the point that your gun or bow will actually start to "talk" to you. Back in the day I was the original 3D weiner of the local archery clubs. I was out pretty much every night and sent at least a hundred arrows off the bow in every session. I drew the line at 'race bows' that were pimped out with the latest and greatest gizmos and do-dads at first. I shot the same bow for 3D as I did for hunting - a Darton set for 70 pounds with standard hunting accouterments. The difference between my scores and the guys that won those tournaments was usually less than 5%. I wasn't out there for medals and prize money - I was out there to challenge the bum in the mirror and perfect my marksmanship for hunting. I gave up the sport when I forgot that.

I could tell in the split second that the arrow came off the string - long before it hit its target - that I had blown the shot. The stance, draw, anchor, aim process was easy - but everything hinged on the release. You can do everything else right but if you blow the release, you blow the shot. Those were the happiest days of my life: I was finished with school, I had free time and I ranged the province with guys like Stu The Jew, Byron Koobasaw, Skin Bag and other jack nasties shooting at local tourneys. Afterwards there was always beers, maybe a pig roast and plenty of bull flying round. I hung up my archery tackle over a decade ago. Can't seem to force myself to part with it for some reason. I had hoped one day maybe my daughter might become an archer like her old man but that just wasn't in the cards. I went back to banging away with guns but never got into the game the way I did when I was younger. Today I shoot for fun and that's it. I don't have a competitive bone left in my body. Don't care much what the bum in the mirror has to say about it either. :)

Fah! I digress: we had charts like the one above that explained the groupings and the common errors that caused them both for archery and for gunnery. Distilled to their essence, the one above can suffice for both sports I suppose!

Have a great Thursday!

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