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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Must Be Getting Old And Soft Or Something

Saw this one over on Knuckledraggin the other day via Wirecutter. You'll never see stuff like this from the lickspittles and turd brains in the mainstream media.

Queers, trannies and progs are served notice:
Shit like this is why people hate you.

I gotta say I really admire that black kid. He had had enough, he rightfully stood his ground, and when the time came he let that sexually disturbed freak show have it right in the kisser! Creeps like that have the ear of our politicians - and worse - our kids are watching them get away with murder and act like monsters - and get portrayed as heroes in our fake mainstream media. I daresay that if that kid were white and not black - they would be tearing him to shreds right now. Life gets complicated for our proggy friends when their official victim groups collide.

I know exactly where that kid is at too. The queer in my family is much the same. It's xer way or the highway, xhe is right about everything, everyone else is wrong, and if you don't agree with xer it's because you are a racist/homophobe/sexist bigot with a hate-on for the LBGTQFUCKMYANUS crowd. Don't think being nice to 'em will help either - if you apologize to them they take it as an admission of guilt and they'll chit all over you with even MORE zeal. Eventually they will push you to the point where you can't back up either, you can't concede anymore and their lunacy has to be dealt with.

I should be happy, right?

I'm left with the same sense of hollow despair as when I had to deal with this crazy crap in my own family. When you cut loose and let those idiots have what they give, you draw your line in the sand and draw your guns - they're hurt and outraged. That in turn usually sparks MORE lunatic tantrums and bullchit. They can't equate actions with consequences. At the end of the day, that black fella essentially beat up a retard. Even though that boy had every right to stand his ground, even though he had every right to defend himself from harassment and abuse - a part of me feels sorry for the head case he punched out.

And that is what those guys will jump all over when they lay the guilt trip on you. Don't be surprised if that butt blaster is at it again soon. And don't be surprised if next time, instead of getting punched out, xhe gets a blade in the gizzard. Or worse. Xhe'll deserve that too. Sometimes that 97 lb. weakling deserves the chit and abuse he gets.

The degenerates that were 'born that way' like to chant 'We're here, we're queer, get used to it!' Welp... if this is how you intend to handle yourselves here - maybe YOU better get used to getting your lights punched out! Or worse.

It's a day of brooding introspection here at the Thunderbox today. Have a great Tuesday, and play nice out there.

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