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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Profanity: Taken To Task

Oh, hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by! Today I am in the woodshed awaiting my turn with the hickory switch - after which I will be dining on fine Irish Spring soap!

In my post below about the Mounties, one of my numerous moral and intellectual superiors takes me to task for my profanity and intemperance. I don't speak of Gorges facetiously; he's one of those Christians that walks the walk, and he talks the talk. He rightfully expects everyone else too as well. I suppose gentlemen don't talk like I do. Ever. My Dad would take over for Gorges on the hickory switch for when his arm got tired too. I only ever heard Pop come close to dropping the F-bomb once - when we were almost T-boned by an inattentive truck driver at an intersection. That one was so close that I dunno if he was swearing about the driver or the mess we made on our seats! HAR HAR HAR! Oh no! Those stains will never come out! HAR HAR HAR! No matter how mad Pop gets - he very seldom gets profane.

And that is precisely the problem we face, nowadays. We have liberals and proggies that want to limit your political free thought and speech - they're openly talking about it now and mobs are out beating people and hurting them over political rhetoric. Transgenders, pan-genders, homosexuals and other deviants have declared open war on morality, ethics, Christianity, and even your children. Up here in Canada, the folks in Morontario will send social services into your home to remove your children if you try and talk a seven year old out of sexual depravity like transvestitism. Guys like Gorges and Pop are gentlemen in every sense of the word, and men I deeply respect. It bothers me to disappoint them, but the day for such men is over. A bunch of such men got shot up at a charity baseball game today and the liberals and democrats are calling for gun control, and blaming everything from Trump to global warming for the massacre. Step aside, sirs - this is my cue: I have a message for those people.




And - if ya wanna get stupid about it, sure, a bunch of good men died today. You liberal assholes are next. We've done the soap box, we've done the ballot box, and for you liberal morons that don't know how that one goes - the next one is the cartridge box. Now would be a very good time for you to remember which end of the political spectrum owns all the guns. We can't be courteous with these guys anymore. We can't be respectful. These idiots seriously want to hurt us and they aren't smart enough to see that they will hurt themselves twice as bad. They have to see that line in the sand, they have to know what it means, and there is no nice way to do it anymore. It's a sad day when all that stands between the guns and ammo - is profanity. I don't think it'll do any good - but this is what they need to hear. In stereo.

Now then - can I keep my pants up, Mr. Grouse, or is this to be a bare-bummer? If so, I would like to apologize right up front for the view.


Jeez Louse, that hurts!!!! Sorry folks, no pic for this one!!!


A certain other reader who wishes to remain anonymous asks me questions about a certain reality challenged Rat.

"Have you driven to Nevada recently and stolen his meds? Seriously deranged posts today..."

I've swapped profanity with that guy several times and the ol' Rat makes Gorges' point about profanity better than he does! Anyone watching that particular exchange would conclude that both the combatants were idiots and left it at that! Were I able to stifle myself, onlookers would have correctly concluded that only one idiot was involved. HAR HAR HAR! There IS a time and place for profanity and vulgarity - but that was not one of them. For profanity to mean anything you can't do it when you're mad, and you positively can't use it on women, children, retards or animals - you have to be stone cold and in control of yourself and you have to mean it and use it sparingly for it to have the intended effect.

For the record, no, I pretty much avoid that stretch of the internet now. Last time I was over there the crazy old coot was experimenting with Buddhism and out-house spirituality. I looked in for a laugh and sure enough, he's raging at his former Wiccan friends and flower children - and shouting angrily at the clouds too. In order to ward off Gorges and his hickory switch - and mindful of how dumb I looked last time I got into it with him... I ain't sayin' NOTHIN'. 

No, I didn't steal the old fart's meds... but you would be correct to suspect it! HAR HAR HAR!

There, but for the grace of God go I.

Now... d'oh!!!!!! Who stole my meds?!?!?  &&& ^&*(@#^!!!!!

Good night everyone! I am going to bed without my supper! Might just flush my head down the sh...crapper a few times too!

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