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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Public Colon Hydrotherapy Station...?

Ya know I actually saw a van tooling around my town advertising colon hydrotherapy  on the side of it along with other quack medical services acupuncture, magnets, and herbal folk medicine - which, judging from the driver, probly included medicinal pot too, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

I didn't know what colon hydrotherapy was. I have a filthy mind that came out of the gutter and I learned long ago not to trust it. I mean - the terminology was obscene as hell, right? It couldn't possibly be what I imagined it was, right? When I got home I googled it - and for once my filthy mind that crawled out of the gutter - was right on the money! And suddenly - I became uncomfortably aware that it WAS possible for a fella to have TMI - Too Much Information.

Can you imagine having this for a job...?
And then... having customers like WL Emery, Wirecutter and Quartermain???
Oh gawd I'm gonna hurl!!!

This came up on the google search. I don't want to know what that is.
Please don't anybody tell me either...

I haven't seen that van again or since. Don't wanna see it, neither.

Yannow, sometimes I should just STFU. Thursday was going along just fine until this topic cropped up! Carry on folks, and stay focused. Idle minds = idle hands = devil's workshops and all that!

Keep your mind clean. Mine needs a good washing, now.

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  1. Here's how bears "colon cleanse:"

    And then, there are the hippos... OOOhhhh those hippos!:

    My fully-grown manchild showed me these after dinner last night. ...I'm still recovering... My wife'll need therapy after seeing them, but there IS hope...