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Monday, 26 June 2017

Sitting Down To A Friendly Beer with BW...

I used to drink like a fish in my younger days. These days I am seriously considering giving up booze altogether. Maybe I will become a 'social drinker' like these fine young fellas. I ran out of beer about two or three weeks ago and haven't bothered to re-stock. I may have a couple Kilkennys in the fridge but that's about it.

About the only time I ever want a drink now is when I am watching movies and the cowboys or the gangsters are plotting over a glass, or steadying nerves after a dramatic mass murder!

For the most part getting old sucks... but not having to wake up the next morning the same way these boys will...? Sometimes (but not often, in my case) - old age brings a modicum of wisdom.


  1. Even being the sailor I was, I only got "that drunk" a few times. Honestly; one has to forget how bad the next day... week... felt before jumping off that cliff again. To steal a line from Hank Williams Jr; "...and cornbread and iced tea took the place of pills and 90-proof... Yup... we're gettin' old, Glen...

    1. Maybe it's just me Pete - but the few swabbies I have met are not drunkards or brawlers. The guys I met are the type of men that are always in control of themselves and will go well out of their way to avoid fights - but aren't afraid of them should they be necessary.