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Sunday, 11 June 2017

So Are Women Rational Adults Or Not?

This weekend has been pretty lame. We sat around binge-watching The Expanse.

As far as science fiction goes... it's pretty bad. About the only redeeming quality of the series is that they tried to put in a plot and a story amidst all the social justice preaching - and it was almost worth watching at points. I laughed like hell to see all the villains - fat old white guys for the most part. The heroes were all strong women with ghastly haircuts and mouths like truckers - and vibrants, of course! In the future the solar system will be run by pakies, chinamen and wogs with eeeeevil white guys (like Yours Truly) trying to mess it all up. HAR HAR HAR! Maybe it's just me but the women in the story stuck me as bitchy, unlikeable and stupid. Mind you if one looks at the publishing industry today - those are the kind of people running the business I suppose. The future is definitely looking empowered. Fellers, get your estrogen filters on or you'll sprout a rack of tits - and if that happens all you good-for-nothings will do is sit around and play with them all day! Yannow... if I live long enough and that storyline comes to pass as real life - I may find myself pushing ugly, bitchy women out the airlocks just to watch them die too! HAR HAR HAR! Good thing we all know where we're headed as a species, right?

I just wonder how we'll get there from here. Women are so vulnerable, dontchya know. So much so, that not even shit house spiritualism can save them from the cads that prey on them as they try to escape their personal crises. So women with eating disorders, or coming off a divorce, or having especially bad PMS cramps - can't fend for themselves? Or make mature intelligent decisions?  And not even the yoga studios can be considered a safe place anymore?!?!? Who knew?

In space, nobody can hear ya scream, chickie..!!!

I don't get it. The women that came west on the wagon trains with only what they could carry were strong women. The women that went to work in the factories during the world wars were strong women. I am sitting here looking at these empowered chubsters, fatties, lesbians, and chicken heads - and I wonder where these cankles came from...? And... why are we putting up with their shit? I think the future these cankle blossoms envision for themselves is going to be quite different from the reality.

Sorry folks, I got nothin' this weekend - as you can see it was a complete intellectual write-off! Maybe my Sunday church will redeem something. At least the womenfolk will be of the highest quality. If you are fortunate enough to have one of the good ones, you take a moment out and thank your Maker for that. And if ya can think of anything useful to do with the rest - let the rest of us know!

Have a great Sunday!

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