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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Some Thoughts About The Coming Civil War In The US

When all those kids in Manchester got shredded by a vibrant, culturally enriched nail bomb at a rock concert, London's fig farming goat feltching mayor told everyone to chill out because that's just life in the big city now. Hey Britain - you voted for it. Enjoy.

Here in the US when those guys at the charity ball game got sprayed with hot lead by some leftist nutter out to kill Repubs - a bunch of lefties have gone on the social media to tell us all to get used to that too, if we are gonna elect icky bums like Trump.

Now I am just a Canukistani hose head up north, and not an American in the slightest but maybe that gives me some perspective. Up here in the Peanut Gallery I may see things that you guys in the thick of things may not see yourselves.

If civil war comes, on one side you'll have the guys with all the guns and they've made no secret about their intent to keep them. Their women are pretty, dedicated wives and mothers. They've built communities and nations that last centuries.

On the other side, the women have the facial hair and the men have boobs. Those that manage to successfully mate tend to abort their children before they're born. If they do successfully mate, and if they choose not to flush the fetus down the crapper, their children tend to turn out like this:

Now, I'm no expert on military affairs, but if there IS gonna be a civil war... I don't think it will last long.

Have a good Saturday.

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  1. 'Was just tellin' the Missus the exact same thing this morning, Glen.

    Believe me; any of us Yanks who have an IQ higher than that of a Chihuahua can see what's coming like the headlamp of an oncoming train. Indeed; I wonder what the she-men will do; throw hairbrushes at us? ...I guess those porcupine-looking ones can hurt if thrown at point-blank range... "Oooh! You hurt my ankle!" Y'right! Honestly; the hardest part of the coming civil war will be trying to clean all that makeup off the pavement...