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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Canadian RCMP

Back before the turn of the last century, Canada was wide open. There was hardly anybody up here. Even most of the natives were close to the American border - but further north...nothing except plains, forests, with the odd rivers and lakes and isolated settlements here and there.

It was great for bad guys too: you could murder a man in cold blood, disappear into the wilds, go on the lam - and turn up in some other remote settlement or town and continue on as usual. Or you might - were it not for these guys:

Legends, back in the day...

Oh sure, you might go out into the boonies for years - but eventually, sooner or later, somewhere - odds were you would get collared by these guys and find that one of them had been dogging your steps the whole time. And rest assured, you WOULD get your day in court; these guys were not glorified bounty hunters or vigilantes or Texas Rangers that played fast and loose with the laws of other jurisdictions. These men would haul your sorry ass into court, you would get your trial and only when the law pronounced you guilty, would you then be punished. These guys were law men. They were legends and heroes. They were also guys like us.

Time passed. I am old enough to have lived through the collapse of the RCMP. Whereas before, they hired the best and only those that could make the cut, recently they decided that the police force had to become more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive. Standards were lowered and thrown out. White males were told not to apply, and the force started actively recruiting women, minorities (visible and invisible, real or perceived) and implemented a whole pisspot of racist, sexist, and lunatic polices that only had one redeeming feature: they were politically correct. The result...

Jokes, today...

Every time ya turn around the Mounties are in the papers getting raked over the coals. The snowflakes they recruited are all the sobbing, wretched victims of racism, sex abuse and other institutionalized lawlessness. The 'victims' always win in court and are awarded cash and prizes. The victims of these internal department witch hunts were fired and/or released and/or forced to resign. Most of 'em are white guys. The entire force gets dragged through the mud. Every time.

Without exception all the brass in their upper management are anti-gun. (Most of them are anti-cop too, if we want to be honest). If they had their way, public ownership of firearms would be illegal in Canada. They are the fart catchers for liberal politicos and have assisted in prosecuting citizens that had to defend themselves with lethal force because they weren't doing their jobs. Decades ago in Calgary a shopkeeper that had been robbed at gun point 8 times in 6 months finally snapped. He was a Vietnamese import, trying to make his way in a new country with his tiny shop, but kept losing because he was getting robbed periodically by failed liberal social experiments. He put up the cameras. He installed the silent alarm. Each time he got knocked off, the redcoats showed up late, took his report and statement, and shrugged when he asked them what they could do about it. One day some prick with a shotgun came in to redistribute his wealth and the little clipper shot the bastard down as he tried to make his escape with the cash he stole. The redcoats showed up, took statements, arrested the shopkeeper and cleaned up the mess - and a long and messy legal battle began. They were going to throw the book at the shopkeep but the case hit the newspapers and citizens reacted with rage. A public defense fund was set up. The local department chiefs were flooded with threatening calls from furious citizens. Judges got anonymous death threats. It turned out the cops knew who most of these law breakers were, they were on surveillance camera footage everywhere - most with rap sheets a mile long and they did nothing about it. The judiciary wisely acquitted the shopkeeper. Perhaps they feared for their own skins. They damned well should have.

This is what happens now when justice prevails in Canada. When it doesn't, all too often you can lay the blame at the feet of arrogant, unaccountable activist judges and the loud, noisy liberal and progressive fart suckers they pander to. The Mounties toe their line too or they lose their jobs.

Today's RCMP squd car: festooned in all the frooty colours
of the rainbow...

Welp - you can just imagine how well these guys are doing against organized crime and terror groups. The biker gangs have infiltrated the force seven ways to Sunday and in Queerbec the force is a front for them. The bikers are money men and they'll be happy to put the force to work for you too if you have the cash and clout. Radical terrorists? Relax! They are all over that! Guys like Filthie and angry facebookers, twitterers and crabby stubfart farmers are taken into custody for writing threatening stuff like the dreck you're reading now!

It hurts me to say this. The local constabulary is out at my rod n' gun club doing their drills and qualifications all the time. I shoot with those kids. They give me their once-fired brass to reload for free. I chew them out for their shitty marksmanship even though I can't hit the broad side of a barn either. I love them. But:

FUCK THE R.C.M.P. (With apologies to the rank and file officers trying to do an honest job).

Or at the very least, fuck their management and the people they answer to. Nobody goes to jail in Canada and we have the crime rates, reported and unreported to show for it. The Mounties are now a political toy for entitled political morons that don't have to live in the communities being consumed by lawlessness. They don't have to live with the consequences of a neutered constabulary because they have their own security in their own exclusive gated communities. The vibrants there are carefully screened and the defectives are quietly removed when necessary.

Sanity comes from - of all places - guys like Irish

This guy is worth more to the CANADIAN citizen than the entire RCMP police department combined.
He tells it like it is, he lives in the real world and wants you to as well.

The world is changing and not the way the liberal multiculti morons expected. They may have done away with their racism, sexism and other politically correct '-isms' ... but the vast majority of the vibrants we are importing today have not. Nowhere is this more apparent than with moslems, whose "culture" means training their kids to hate and kill yours. Even a real law man like Irish's boy above can't address stuff like that. In a civilized society, if you have to pull a gun to defend yourself - all too often it's far too likely that you're already dead! By its very nature, our high-trust society gives low value ethnic trash the first shot, and they will gleefully take it every time.

Like our Sherriff I am a politically incorrect, but otherwise law abiding man and I am stuck in a quandary. Some people avoid it through denial but I (and most likely, you) - we're too smart for that. The plain truth is that our legal system does not know how to deal with terrorists, never mind common criminals. That's why Gitmo went around for so many years without resolution: how do you try and punish organized but in-uniformed 'casual' combatants? Are they just garden variety murderers? Or soldiers? How do you try them in court? That in itself is a legitimate boondoggle and conundrum that will likely never be solved. The libertarians and feral ACLU types scream about personal rights and liberties and how they must not be infringed. But sensible men like me know that the Constitution (and maybe the Canadian Bill Of Rights And Freedoms) are not suicide pacts that give moslem mongrels the right to kill our women and children without fear of reprisal. And let us be honest here: reprisal is all these mutts understand. We've tried everything and nothing works. We invited these dogs into our homes and been charitable beyond reason toward them - and they just keep attacking us. Yeah... I am beginning to re-think classical western law enforcement altogether.

And I hope most of you are too.

Like moslems, Russians know cowards when they see them.
And they know how to deal with them.
That is more than can be said for our law enforcement
and judiciary at the moment.

Have a good hump day.

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  1. Well, Glen, I was just about ready to repost your article on Blogger and Facebook and you had to let your language go to pot. You have that right, but you hurt your cause when you do. Just for the record, I have a few Canadian readers on both FB and Blogger.