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Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Week In Pictures

Everyone seems to be losing their minds over crap like this. For those of you that - like me - defend honest, free speech... suck it up. This is what free speech looks like. Hey - I don't like it any more than you do but it is what it is. This cunned stunt lost her job for that - and that is just a rare case of liberals holding their own to the same idiotic moral standards they want for us. The liberal left is mentally ill and has been for a very, very long time now. I came across some verbage from wordsmith Vox Day that for me, sums up modern progressivism and liberalism:

"... As I've recommended in the past, look hard at evil. Look as deeply and directly at it as you can bear. And once you realize that it is real, material, self-aware, and intelligent, if that's not enough to cause you to turn to Jesus Christ in humble repentance and gratitude, well, chances are that you'll learn to fear God in a very different manner..."

The pace is quickening now. When I was a young man left and right at least talked to each other. By the time I hit my thirties, they talked past each other. Now it's merely a game of taunt, and counter. Now we are exchanging taunts and insults, openly trying to escalate this into something more serious.

Uncle Bob lives! A Contemptuous Pug Dog
statue pisses on the Defiant Girl of Wall Street.

The first punches are being thrown at various demonstrations and protests. Having been raised by liberals, having a militant lesbian social justice warrior for a daughter - I have long known that there will be no reasoning with these people. They will lie to you as easily as they lie to themselves. They are not interested in coexisting with those they disagree with - they want to belittle them, mock them, and dominate and control them. The first gun shot will go off any day now.

This last one is a true but tough one to take - especially when it applies to your own family. I no longer have any use for shitty human beings and won't be taking anymore crap off them either. Shit's gonna get real for a lot of very shitty people - and sooner rather than later by the look of it.


  1. Indeed; the bitch-bitch-bot holding up the Halloween mask is nothing more than another shining example of the one-way "freedom of speech" practiced by the Liberals. The only shock I saw in the whole thing was that she actually suffered any consequences. This kind of thing usually brings accolades from the loony Left. I'm surprised that Whoopie Hindenberg hasn't invited Griffin to appear as a guest of honor on "The View..."

    As for the picture itself; the jury's still out as to which face is uglier...

    1. They are eating their own now, Pete. That seems to be the way of it for toxic ideologies. Wouldn't be surprised at all if many loyal social justice warriors find themselves purged as useful fools in the days ahead.

      We have a similar show up here in Canada called 'The Social'. It has a gaggle of young, no-name menstruating hens that will leave you wanting to slit your wrists if you listen to them long enough.

  2. Whoopie Hindenberg... I like it.

    Free speech? Not so much, I'm thinking. It's called menacing, and it's against the law.

    The lunatic left hasn't figured it out yet, and I doubt they ever will. They've been the majority starting in the 1960s with the 'summer of love' and finishing up with the big whiz-bang, second coming, saints be praised, advent of the Ayatollah Obongo, complete with a flyover by the Thunderbirds and an amped up version of the Hallelujah Chorus sung by the Vienna Boys' Choir on methamphetamine assisted steroids. Everything was beautiful in its own special way, then along came 'those people' and pole-axed them out of the saddle. They, who were once the Great Unwashed, are no more - and they don't like it.

    But like I say, they haven't really concluded that's what happened. They only know that something is wrong-wrong-wrong, and it's everyone's fault but theirs.

    So we get crap like this from a third stringer, who probably hasn't had an original idea in her entire life - and I can't begin to guess who thought this one up.

    Yeah, free speech and all that. Right up until you advocate killing someone, and then it isn't free speech anymore.

    1. You can make the argument for it, that's for sure. This one is right on the line and no bones about it. I would cut the lady some slack purely on chivalric principals - the woman is obviously and idiot with no concept of self restraint or boundries. There ARE people for whom something like that would be an incitement to violence.

    2. I doubt that restraint or common sense ever entered her mind. This was an act that would kill two deplorables with a single projectile: It would increase her popularity while simultaneously denigrating the enemy.

      Think in terms of a neighbor or co-worker you don't get along with. One day he shows up holding the bloody head of a manikin that's been fashioned to look like you. He laughs and waves. How would you handle this? The one thing I wouldn't do is ignore it. It's a threat. Hence, menacing.