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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Yeah? And Your Problem Is....?

My grandparents were very poor, very simple people. Typical of pioneering Albertans, they were relatively unsophisticated too. (Yeah, I know - that's me saying that, HAR HAR HAR!). Part of the reason they never had any money was that they were forever giving it away to their kids and then their grandkids. It literally drove my dad and my uncle nuts: their car was a beater, their home was almost a shoe box, they ate like you might expect ex-pat British peasants to... but they always had money for lavish toys and treats for the grandchildren. Grandma Filthie lives only in the dimmest corner of my memories. She passed when I just started school.

But I do remember her stroke and how it affected her life. One of her most favourite pastimes was this new-fangled TV thing the kids had bought her. She lived for the next episode of The Beverly Hillbillies, some soaps - and for Stampede Wrestling.

Our wrestlers were nothing like the poofters, pussies and juice monkeys that pass for wrestlers today.


These two Jap bastards are Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada. These smiling
assassins were treacherous cheaters
that once faked simultaneous heart-attacks in the ring
to avoid a righteous beating they so richly deserved. The orderlies
hustled them out of the ring on stretchers before the good guys could pound them and they strutted around bragging about it afterward.
Never trust a Jap especially when they're smiling...

Gramma took wrestling very seriously and would lose her mud at the cheaters and the shenanigans and mayhem that went on in Ed Waylon's ring.

Meet their boss: JR Foley. This limey bugger was equal parts Adolph Hitler,
Al Capone and Pol Pot - may God rot his balls.
His favourite stunt was to distract the refs while his villains
beat the pooh out of the heroes and cheated in the ring.
He may look like a fat old stubfart but he beat
musclebound 6-foot kids senseless on several occasions. Sometimes he would
beat two or three of them at a time!
Everyone agreed he should have been JAILED
for his filthy deeds.

Gramma would get so wound up and pissed at the villains that she would start having chest pains, HAR HAR HAR! Cripes - I get mad just thinking of these villains from my childhood! :) :) YOU should too! If any of these guys are still alive today I think it would make them smile with delight to be remembered so. God gave children some very strange gifts in those days.

All I have of my  paternal Grandmother today are memories of watching TV with her and my brother - and those tins of British hard candy that she always had. I dunno if they even make them any more - they came in tins with pictures of those red coated British soldiers with the big furry hats  on them.

I haven't seen a wrestling match in years. Or had British hard candy. Might have to change that sooner rather than later.

Have a great Saturday.

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