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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Your First Centre Fire Rifle

A lot of fellas have some really, really bad advice about your go-to rifle for SHTF scenarios. I am no expert on Commie guns, but I've seen them shoot. Usually they're shooting that cheap steel cased surplus commie ammo too, and it works. Except for when it doesn't. If ya HAVE to have a commie gun I would stick exclusively to the guns made by the Finns or the Ruskies - and would avoid the chicom and indian crap altogether. People shoot garbage surplus ammo in those things because they are so sloppily constructed that they can't take advantage of modern precision ammo. (I've also seen people blow guns up with that cheap steel cased crap and will not shoot it myself). Looked at another way - you can trust your life to a cheap, Chinese caribiner... but if I were one of those psycho rock climbers, and made a habit of hanging by my finger tips and nostrils 800 feet up...? I would want the best quality equipment I could afford. It isn't so much that the AK guns are bad; it's more a case that there are so many better choices.

Would you want to trust your life to one of these made by
slave labour in China?

Your first rifle should be the AR15, of course. And, it should be made right here in North America! A good quality AR15 is going to run you $800 ~ 1200.00 Canukistani. Boutique guns will go up from there. No, the AR15 is not going to present any reliability issues for you. The only guys with issues like that are soldiers who will slap a 30 rounder in, rattle it off on full auto - and then do that multiple times without cleaning it. Trust me on this - in any tactical situation you may face as a civvie - you will have either won the fire fight with your first mag or lost it! Tactics are FAR more important than gear selection when it comes to surviving a pitched fire fight.

My AR15 - with a new match trigger installed.
Don't buy a chopper like this for your first gun - get at least a 16"
barrel in .223/5.56 NATO
This new trigger breaks like a glass rod at 3.5 pounds with no creep and no overtravel.
A trigger like that on a chopper like this is like polishing a turd,
but is a downright necessity for the precision upper I am going to build or order for it.

The beauty of the AR15 is that I can punch out two pins, swap out the upper barrel assembly, and put on a different one with a precision 24" air gauged match barrel. Or it can be another calibre altogether like the mighty 458 SOCOM or the 50 Beowulf. This is a truly 'do-it-all' gun. Further - you can upgrade it yourself! These guns are modular by design so that even a monkey (like yours truly) can do it! Wirecutter built his, sitting on the end of the bed at home with only a few specialized tools. I roll out a big piece of leather on the workbench for when I work with guns. Conventional guns need a skilled gunsmith to tune and hone a precision trigger, but with the AR15 - you go buy a timney or a Gieselle - punch out two pins, dump the old trigger - and plunk the new one in! The aftermarket R&D on these is utterly mind boggling. No other gun in the world offers the possibilities and sheer versatility and functionality that the AR15 does.

Yes, these guns are frightening to liberals and stupid people. Sadly - that is precisely why you need one. Gov'ts are just like people, they can get sick and go bad like a dog with rabies and it really, really bothers me to say this - but our gov'ts here in Canada and the USA are making me awfully nervous lately. They regularly over step their bounds, every problem is another excuse for them to get into our lives and wallets - but the thought of people with guns like these give them pause. Thanks to guns like these, and the men that own them - they will not take your rights and freedoms with impunity the way they're doing in Europe and the third world. I ain't gonna say more than that - except to say that if you leave your safety to the gov't you may well indeed suffer the consequences for it. Bureaucrats don't care about you; all they care about is their own skins. The best person to assure your safety is YOU.

Even if you're not a gunny - GET A GUN. It's more important than a new car or a new set of golf clubs.  It's like a fire extinguisher or a first aid kit - it's part of being responsible and being prepared. It's my contention that in the absence of the law, it is your responsibility as a citizen to assure the safety of not only yourself, but your family, your neighbours and community too. You need the right equipment and the best tools for the job.

I repeat - this is your best choice for your first gun. Yes, there are others, but the AR is probably the best start for the most people - that is why the military chose it. Once you have the AR sorted out - then, the sky is the limit! Shooting guns and handling them safely is not only a civic requirement of the responsible citizen, it is a healthy and wholesome sport everyone should take part in.

Cast lead bullets? Curios and relics? Why the heck not! Now this is serious business!

See ya on the range and shoot safe.

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