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Monday, 7 August 2017

And On That Great Day, All The Baby Boomer Morons Will Be Dead

Ol' Georgie did us all a favour when he died...

This guy drives me nuts. His fan boys are even worse. I saw him up over at Pete's - and the idiocy continues in the comments. This guy's profanity is the LEAST of his problems. His biggest problem is that he's full of shit, and he's filling up stupid people with shit too! I see this all the time in sub-intellect blogs (yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Rat) - where they all get their panties in a twist and moan about the eeeeeeevil 1%, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Robber Barons.

Education gone bad? Really! Ya don't say...? Let me say this about that: there's a reason teachers can't control the kids in their classroom over and above the fact that most of them are children and idiots  themselves: the parents at home don't discipline their kids either. This is nothing new either, my daughter seriously believes that she was raised by abusive parents because she got spanked in Grade 3 for refusing to behave, and she had to get good marks in class. She thinks so, her friends think so, her teachers thought so and her grandparents (my mother and father in law) thought so. When I was a kid, my parents busted wooden spoons on our asses and we got strapped in schools. We deserved it too. Maybe it didn't always serve to improve our behaviour but we learned one thing you liberal baby booming assholes didn't: actions have consequences.

Then this old hippy retard starts beaking off about how our retirement savings will be stolen, how we will work for lower wages, and all end up huddled around a fire in a 45 gallon drum, eating beans out of a can. Well I will tell you something too, you elderly hippy retard: YOU VOTED FOR IT. Back in the 70's you wanted Free Stuff. You knew damn well that you could only get what you wanted is by giving up something else - which happened to be your retirement. So you voted for gov'ts that pissed that away and told yourselves you would find a way to pay for it later. And in the 80's you wanted MORE free shit - only you had spent your retirement funds - so you started spending those of your children and you bankrupted them too - before they were old enough to even vote. 

Then you wanted equality for everyone so you voted for politicos and convinced your employers to double the size of the workforce by 'liberating women'. And you voted for politicians that were going to flood the market with imported ethnics in the name of 'transforming America'. What did you think that would do to wages and the labour market? Half of you danced in glee when The Gay Mulatto  lit the Whitehouse up in all the frooty colours of the rainbow, and you went to women's marches and wore pink hats and didn't even know what you were bitching about. The eeeevil 1%ers, the eeeeevil jooos, the eeeeevil corporations didn't do this to you, you baby booming moron - you did it to yourselves. And pretty much your kids and grandkids and great grandkids too.

The lunacy continues today: Trump tries to ban moslem cavemen from our lands and he is taken to court. He tells Americans what he wants to do in his own words, on the social media - and the mass media jumps down his throat, spins his statements and lies through its collective teeth - and liberal morons believe the media. In Canada we are importing those savages by the boat load. Idiotic boomers scoff and mock Christians and go silent as church mice as moslems train their kids to hate and kill yours. And don't even get me started on your women because half of them are batchit crazy - and half of those are on anti-depressants because of it. Michael Moore wonders where his country went - when that fat shit sandbagged it and raped the corpse!

I got news for ya, Boomers: George Carlin isn't funny, and neither are you.


Let us leave all that. All we can do now is enjoy the decline and try as we might to survive what is surely gong to be very hard times. We have to face realities. That 1%, the Deep State, those evil joos and corporate raiders - they will always be with us. That is how the human animal rolls. If we killed them all today - we would have new ones tomorrow. Our tribes won't work any other way: the majority of us must obey the laws, and a privileged few must be able to make the laws and operate outside them to enforce them. You get that from the socialists, the fascists, the capitalists - right on down to the spear chucking bushmen in Africa. George Carlin and all his fan boys are morons - they live in downright opulence when looked at in historical perspective - and still they bitch. The argument can be safely made that the idiocracy has too much power in today's North America.

And they ain't seen nothin' yet. Whine to me about your health care boomer - when my retirement will probably involved a bottle of whisky, a pack of cigarettes and a Colt. 45!

Sorry for the rant, y'all - just keep your wits about you, keep your eye on the ball and make preparations.

Have a good Monday.

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