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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Back From The Dead

It's my business to keep a sharp eye on the other retards bloggers lest they get too smart for themselves and get into trouble! BW needs a boot in the arse to get him out and exploring, were it not for me he would probly languish around the house goofing off and doing nothing! Likewise I watch the antics at Coopville very closely. I make sure the chores get done and that the servants fulfill their duties so that King Charles is not inconvenienced by having to do it himself. As a charity, I give The Mohave Rat lectures on civics, morals and ethics and I know how much he appreciates my efforts.

PP informs us that the rumours of his demise are grossly exaggerated. Gawd, I love the farming bloggers. There's always mayhem and nitwittery with the animals to savour and appreciate. I'm glad he's still on the right side of the dirt!

Seems like the Backyard Beardo is still alive too. He reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger - only he is smarter, more ambitious and capable than I ever was.

Yannow I look at these people and they go, go, go - and then find time to write about their shenanigans. I'll be damned if I put more n' a thousand clicks on my motorcycle this year. I bought a new camper and had it out twice or three times. I haven't flown an RC airplane or a Crapcopter this summer at all, really. There's a lethargy that's settled on my soul and it's killing me.

I HAVE been shooting up a storm and have been chained to the reloader...but I am thinking I need to start doing other things too. Maybe these fine bloggers can loan me some of their energy or something. I need to get off my ass - summer is almost over!