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Friday, 4 August 2017

Disabled Military Vet

Awhile back I got into it with some crabby old fat head with a hate-on for Christians (and pretty much all human beings in general). He'd lip off at folks and when they turned around to tell him where to shove his opinions - he'd get all weepy and tearful and start whining about how this kind of thing was an offense to a poor, down trodden military vet. It's a trope that plays well with liberals and Hollyweird - the fugged up drug dumping Viet Nam vet is a stereotype now - and pretty much the only war hero the looney left recognizes.

But yannow... even though they try to keep the cameras and attention focused on the sad sacks, the sympathy whores and the snowflakes and poseurs... sometimes stuff like this slips out.

I've seen far more of these types than of the effed up sob-sisters. Guys like this don't play well to the mainstream morons, obsessed as they are with victims and social injustice.


  1. A young man going over an obstacle. And?

  2. Missing one arm and one leg, though?

    Meh - you're probly right Jack. Kid's probly a Marine or 101 Airborne. Those guys don't stop fer nuthin'!