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Thursday, 3 August 2017

From The Lost Files Of The Art Of Speed

YES! I want it!!!!
Cars SHOULD be made from wood and metal...

Ya know as handy men we're all kinda different. Some guys like to work with metal, other fellas love the warmth of wood, and still others go for space age polymers and composites. Years ago my Dad was rebuilding a boat and he nearly shat his pants with rage - he needed the wood to bend for the seat he was making and bending wood - and making it hold and look right - is tough business for a farmer who got by with a buzz box and a ball peen hammer. It didn't work for him and it was one of the few projects Pop ever gave up on.

Has anyone ever met a master who can work in all three mediums... and do it well? Guys that can do one or two are a dime a dozen but I've never met a master of all three... other than Red Green of course.

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  1. I ran into a guy at a gun show that was selling very nice looking plastic grips. Pieces of high impact plastic were held together by a space age adhesive of some kind, and the genius neglected to believe the directions and warning labels:

    Danger! Use in well ventilated area!

    He didn't, and so went blind from the fumes. Lucky for him the blindness was temporary.

    Bending wood is tough, doesn't work with all types of wood, and requires steam and a lot of patience. I knew some men who did it successfully when making a recurved long bow, but it took weeks.

    For my part, I'm itching to find out more about that four wheel airboat in the photo. What is it? Did anyone actually run it? I'd think the breeze from the prop would be a bit much.