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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Interesting Evening On The Range

One of the problems a young man faces is the old dilemma - should I buy this toy now, or wait until I can afford it? When I was a young man, my young family made that choice for me and yannow what? They were probly right when they said 'no' all the time! HAR HAR HAR!!! I always wanted an M14 match rifle and finally bought one a couple years back. (And I bought many toys as a young man too, thanks to my beloved and long suffering wife).

The problems started right off the bat. I'm an old fart now and my eyes don't work like they used too (along with a number of other things, HARUMPFFFF!!! Who said that?!?!?) I have to go to a scope. The problem with that is that the M14 was not designed to be a scoped rifle. Iron sights and old eyes don't get along well.

No problem - I went online and placed an order with the boys at, Frank set me up with a standard CASM mount - which is the best scope mount going for the M14. I put a Swarovski 3x9 on that and figured I was away to the races.

The problem with that was that now the scope sat so high I couldn't get a proper cheek weld on the stock. No problem - I carved a cheek riser and wrapped it in leather to put my eye in line with the scope - and figgered I was away to the races.

Then I decided that if I am gonna scope it, might as well get 
a good scope on it and went to a Trijicon 5x25 with parallax and external windage and elevation

So now I have a fairly nice match gun, a fair to middlin' scope, a functional cheek riser and everything should be good! Right?

The problem is that my back doesn't work the way it did and when I sling up and curl up to shoot from the sitting position the scope sits too far forward for me to get the proper eye relief.

GAWDAMMITALLTOHELL!!! FFS!!!! When will this chit ever end????

Back on the phone to Frank at M14.CA, another 170 beans - and I have an special extended scope mount inbound that should relieve my eye relief problems and prevent me having to contort myself to make the shot.

I shoulda bought this gun 30 years ago! Back when my eyes were clear and bright, and my back and creaky old bones still worked! :) Having to fight my aging body makes it really hard for me to muster the focus that is needed for precision match shooting. It used to be so easy...sob...!

But - I'll get there. And when I do, empty brass will be bouncing off Mad Jack's head as he tries to shoot off the next bench over - and then he'll start missing like I do too! HAR HAR HAR!!!  :)

So I spent the night making an ass of myself on the range until the kids from the local SWAT team showed up. I razz them and coach them from time to time and they put up with my BS because they are kind to old farts and are really great kids men. They shoot silenced Rem 700 bolt guns with modular chassis systems and bipods and their guns sound like .22's with the silencers on. Silencers are illegal in Canada because liberals think they actually make the gun completely silent. If we could have silencers on our guns people wouldn't bitch about all the noise coming from gun ranges - but of course Canadian antigun morons and common sense are old enemies.

But I digress - after I stole their empty brass (I reload .308 and shoot it in my beloved M14) - they gave me some shells to try.

Sorry for the crappy cell pic...

Apparently they're Federal Tactical Something-Or-Others - for law enforcement only. Civvies can't buy these in Canada because the liberals are afraid old stubfarts like me will try to use them to knock over a liquor store or maybe put one through the mushy head of our idiot prime minister or something. ( that I think about it that second one doesn't sound half bad, HAR HAR HAR!!!)

Sorry for the crappy internet pic. It's all I can seem to get!
They've got that curious blue translucent blue tip, 168 grain boat tail bullet

Of course my only interest in them is as a target round. My bullet of choice is a 168 grain Hollow Point Boat Tail or HPBT - sitting on the classic load of 41.5 grains of H4895 gun powder. I will be curious to see if these are as accurate as my match loads.

Once I get my M14 set up the way I need it - I will let you know how I make out!

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