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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Oh Hell Yes

Years ago Flapz and I were out on the water trying our luck with the pickerel and we did a few catch-and-releases. We were in my dauntless dirigible watercraft - a 12 foot Zodiac pontoon boat with a 9 horse out board.

One of those flash storms blew in and the water got nasty in a matter of minutes. The big power boats with inboards throttled up and made it to shore before the first rain drops fell. On their heels were the aluminum fishing boats with bigger outboards. Flapz and I were still out at sea when the skies opened up and a torrential downpour started. But my plucky little rubber boat handle the waves like a champ. The pontoons flexed in a spaghetti-like movement with the waves - and the ride was pretty smooth. A couple of guys passed us in a metal boat with a tiny outboard and the waves hammered against their hull and bounced them around like dice in a cup!

We made a heroic landing on shore and dragged the boat up on the beach - and got a standing ovation from the smart asses in a nearby campsite. We didn't even know them, but they called us under the tarp, filled our hands with drinks and complimented us on our flawless seamanship. We were already half in the bag by the time we headed back to our own campsite.

I ended up giving Flapz the boat because it got so that I never used it and it was just another big piece of clutter in my shed. He and his boy went out on it last year or the year before and the boy managed to catch a respectable rainbow trout!

Whoever buys this rig - I wish them many fine adventures.

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